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South Korea September 2019: Hyundai Santa Fe back to #1, Kia Seltos up to #4, Mercedes up 4-fold in market up 4.1%

The Kia Seltos is up to #4 in South Korea in September.

18/10 update: Now with the Top 10 foreign models.

The South Korean new car market manages to post its first gain since last January at +4.1% to 132.611 units thanks to foreign manufacturers particularly strong at +17.3% to 20.204 and 15.2% share with local carmakers a little more discreet but still up at +2.1% to 112.407 and 84.8% of the market. Year-to-date, South Korea is down -3.7% to 1.280.930, this time handicapped by freefalling foreigners at -14.1% to 169.431 registrations and 13.2% share while local brands resist a lot better at -1.9% to 1.111.499 units and 86.8% share. Hyundai (-3.8%) continues to lose ground at 35.1% share vs. 38.9% YTD whereas sister brand Kia (+17.3%) is once again in outstanding shape at 31.7% vs. 29.3% so far in 2019. The gap between Hyundai and Kia thaws from 4.954 sales and 3.7 percentage points in August to just 3.555 and 3.4 this month, the lowest since we follow South Korea monthly in 2010.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is #1 at home for the first time in almost a year.

Below Renault Samsung (+16.4%), Mercedes (+296.7%) spectacularly multiplies its sales by 4 year-on-year and lands in 4th place with 5.8% share, its highest level since January 2017 (6.4%). Ssangyong (-5.4%) and GM Korea (-30.4%) follow in difficulty above BMW (+107.1%), Genesis (-13.1%) and Audi (-16%). Mini (+30.7%) rounds out the Top 10 while below, Lamborghini (+3300%), Volvo (+66.6%), Lexus (+49.8%), Porsche (+24.8%) and Jaguar (+17.8%) impress with fantastic gains whereas Volkswagen (-92.4%), Nissan (-87.2%), Honda (-82.2%), Infiniti (-69.2%), Citroen (-62.4%), Toyota (-61.9%), Ford (-55.7%) and Land Rover (-53.7%) all implode.

The Chevy Colorado makes its first appearance as a local in South Korea.

In the models ranking, the Hyundai Santa Fe (-6.2%) unexpectedly reclaims control for the first time since October 2018 but remains #4 YTD, it dislodges the Hyundai Sonata (+62.8%) from the top spot just as the new Kia K7 (+106.1%) remains at an outstanding third place. The Kia Seltos steps up to a new record #4 for only its third month in market, with the Hyundai Porter (-25.9%) is down 3 spots on August to #5 but holds onto the YTD top spot. The Samsung QM6 (+60.3%) is up to #9, its highest monthly ranking so far in 2019, and the Kia Morning is up 13.2% to #8, the only two additional Top 10 models posting a double-digit gain. Among new launches, the Hyundai Venue remains at #12, the Hyundai Palisade is up two spots on last month to #19, the Renault Samsung Master stays at #39 and the Chevrolet Colorado makes its entrance at #66 with a very shy 28 sales.

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Full September 2019 Top 30 All-brands, Top 60 All local models and Top 10 foreign models below.

South Korea September 2019 – brands:

3Renault Samsung7,8175.9%16.4%460,4024.7%-3.1%45
6GM Korea5,1713.9%-30.4%653,9064.2%-18.7%64
13Land Rover4920.4%-53.7%145,7960.5%-40.4%1613
30Fiat 00.0%n/a3000.0%n/a30 –
 –Total local manufacturers112,40784.8%2.1% –1,111,49986.8%-1.9% – –
 –Total foreign manufacturers20,20415.2%17.3% –169,43113.2%-14.1% – –
 –Total market132,611100.0%4.1% –1,280,930100.0%-3.7% – –

South Korea September 2019 – local models:

1Hyundai Santa Fe7,813-6.2%466,152-17.1%42
2Hyundai Sonata7,15662.8%171,91146.8%27
3Kia K76,176106.1%338,24635.2%917
4Kia Seltos6,109new515,553new25 –
5Hyundai Porter5,094-25.9%275,5167.0%13
6Hyundai Avante4,900-10.7%847,405-16.8%65
7Hyundai Grandeur4,814-35.9%669,905-16.2%31
8Kia Morning4,33313.2%1137,086-15.3%109
9Samsung QM64,04860.3%1029,66241.4%1621
10Kia Carnival3,854-33.1%947,988-16.6%54
11Kia Sorento3,743-5.1%1437,066-26.7%116
12Hyundai Venue3,690new129,144new32 –
13Hyundai Kona3,636-4.7%1830,783-11.9%1410
14Kia Bongo3,304-18.4%745,3112.4%78
15Kia K33,23936.0%1633,047-0.8%1213
16Chevrolet Spark2,743-13.1%1325,441-5.5%2018
17SsangYong Korando Sports2,698-8.8%1530,8194.3%1316
18Kia K52,599-21.5%1927,675-19.7%1812
19Hyundai Palisade2,241new2139,707new851
20Hyundai Grand Starex2,163-55.6%2730,380-16.1%1511
21SsangYong Tivoli2,125-30.8%2028,152-9.7%1714
22Kia Ray1,96826.0%2322,3477.9%2122
23Kia Mohave1,7541039.0%383,740-38.0%3934
24Kia Sportage1,745-42.7%2521,259-23.5%2219
25Hyundai Tucson1,620-56.3%1727,468-4.3%1915
26SsangYong Korando1,619569.0%2811,243322.7%2945
27Genesis G801,496-45.9%2217,581-37.9%2420
28Kia Niro1,414-29.3%2420,67226.0%2324
29Genesis G701,15012.3%2612,75129.3%2728
30Samsung SM6979-43.3%2912,126-31.6%2823
31Genesis G90933184.5%3114,240123.2%2631
32Chevrolet Trax871-16.5%309,14616.4%3129
33Samsung QM385595.2%334,522-2.2%3836
34SsangYong G4 Rexton833-32.8%328,977-27.7%3326
35Kia K9700-30.6%348,355-1.3%3430
36Hyundai Ioniq62473.3%364,684-36.3%3733
37Chevrolet Malibu602-73.7%359,476-18.6%3025
38Renault Samsung Clio55883.6%492,129-24.5%4942
39Renault Samsung Master506new391,949new5060
40Hyundai Nexo454826.5%442,599766.3%4558
41Kia Stonic406-60.9%376,996-45.0%3527
42Samsung SM3342-46.4%473,049-33.7%4135
43Daewoo Alpheon27324.1%412,588-7.6%4644
44Samsung SM5270-54.6%422,927-60.4%4332
45Kia Stinger264-20.5%432,972-34.2%4237
46Samsung SM7258-36.6%452,798-19.5%4440
47Daewoo Labo2550.4%402,580-10.8%4743
48Hyundai Accent215-46.0%463,295-22.2%4038
49Chevrolet Bolt179118.3%482,373-50.7%4839
50Kia Soul17650.4%504,945113.6%3649
51Chevrolet Equinox147-20.5%511,64992.2%5253
52Hyundai Veloster131-74.0%521,721-42.3%5141
53Hyundai i30109-46.3%531,195-49.1%5447
54Chevrolet Impala63-18.2%54441-61.0%5655
55Chevrolet Colorado28new –28new59 –
56Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro10-47.4%56135-8.8%5762
57Renault Samsung Twizy1-98.7%551,2405.6%5356
58SsangYong Korando Turismo0-100.0% –779-65.7%5548
59Hyundai i400-100.0%5763-56.8%5861
60Chevrolet Aveo0-100.0% –13-95.8%6059

South Korea September 2019 – foreign models:

1Mercedes E Class4,103492.1%130,40323.6%11
2BMW 5 Series2,479111.5%213,696-34.3%22
3Audi Q71,513n/an/a1,604n/an/a –
4Mercedes GLC684936.4%35,81814.6%56
5Mercedes C Class6841490.7%76,657-1.2%37
6Mercedes CLS511n/a92,77921276.9%1626
7Audi A5483n/an/a597n/an/a –
8Mercedes S Class42990.7%64,761-19.0%611
9Mini Hatchback423-11.3%53,91028.5%1014
10Mercedes GLE419-8.1%n/a419-79.6%n/a17

Source: Manufacturers, KAIDA

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  1. The Twizy (#57) dropped 98%. This might have something to do with the changeover from imported units to a South Korean built version. On that note: The Twizy is one of the ca 5 EV’s Renault introduced when many car manufacturer’s were still in ‘EV Denial’.

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