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BSCB continues its collaboration with prestigious French newspaper Le Monde

After January 2019 (world car market), April 2019 (Chinese market), April 2020 (Coronavirus impact) and July 2020 (public transport in China), BSCB and I continue our collaboration with French newspaper Le Monde, one of the most important and widely respected newspapers in the world according to Wikipedia. It’s always an honour to appear in such a prestigious publication, thanks to close work with collaboration with Le Monde journalist Éric Béziat. This time and for our 5th collaboration, I am quoted in an article about the European factories of Hyundai-Kia. The article is in French of course, but the translation of my quotes are as follows: “In Europe, Hyundai-Kia is taking advantage of the success of its EV SUVs, also available with combustion engines, HEV and PHEV. The Kia Niro is the best-selling vehicle in the Netherlands where it outsells both the VW Polo and Golf more used to the top spots. The Hyundai Kona was in August #9 in the European HEV charts and #3 EV.” “Globally, Hyundai and Kia have held resisted the Covid storm better than most global manufacturers. Even though the group’s benefits are freefalling, the two Korean carmakers have remained profitable during Q2 2020, at €270 million for Hyundai and €90 million for Kia. They are taking advantage of a euphoric domestic market (+6% YTD), they are strong in North America and are smashing the Indian market where for the first time in 35 years they managed to topple a Suzuki model from the pole position (the Hyundai Creta). China is the only place where they’re struggling, with their loss ten percentage points below the market average.” Full article here: Hyundai Kia Article Le Monde

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  1. Matt, Thank you… I am so happy I subscribed.
    I am a China industry watcher. as you know, and it’s only your global coverage that keeps me balanced.
    Please keep up the good work…I am in awe at the breadth of your coverage…and as for those travel photos, WoW!

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