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BSCB featured (again) in prestigious French newspaper Le Monde

Read the full article (in French) by clicking on the image above.

For the second time in the past 4 months, BSCB and I were featured in the paper edition of French newspaper Le Monde (25th April), one of the most important and widely respected newspapers in the world according to Wikipedia. The subject of the article titled “3 lessons taken from a surprising Chinese market” is the specificities of the Chinese new car market and the struggles of French manufacturers there, coinciding with the ending of the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. Once again BSCB was quoted as the reference website for worldwide car sales statistics and I was quoted as a China specialist.

I am quoted in the very first paragraph saying “never before has the [Chinese] context be that unpredictable”, and again twice in the 2nd column of the article saying “the only carmakers succeeding in China are those who are able to launch at least two new models each year” then further down “the problem isn’t the quality of Peugeot, Citroen or Renault cars, it’s the fact that French brands have slipped out of Chinese consumers’ top of mind, and it’s very difficult to climb back in”. The last two paragraphs of the articles are also directly taken from my Shanghai Auto Show 2019 Summary.

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