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Bulgaria July 2020: Renault (+82.4%), Nissan (+53.5%), Citroen (+51.3%) fail to overturn depressed volumes (-12.8%)

Nissan sales surge 53.5% in a market down -12.8%.

Although a much better hold than the -33.1% of June, the Bulgarian new car market still falls by the double-digits in July at -12.8% to 3.598 units. This leads to a year-to-date tally off -39.8% to 16.357. Now that European Union borders are reopening and allowing hefty re-export volumes again, the brands ranking is returning to its usual form with Renault (+82.4%) and Dacia (-29.5%) in command both in July and YTD, followed by Nissan (+53.5%) and toppling last month’s victor Skoda (-15.4%). Citroen (+51.3%) also sports a spectacular gain in the remainder of the Top 10 while Mercedes (+1%) and Peugeot (-1.6%) are stable, Toyota (-12.8%) matches the market but Kia (-34.5%) and Volkswagen (-31.2%) sink. Below, only Isuzu (+150%), Ferrari (+100%) and Porsche (+63.6%) can muster a significant gain.

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Full July 2020 Top XX All-brands ranking below.

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