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Malaysia May 2020: Proton Saga best-seller in market down -62.5%

The Proton Saga is the best-selling vehicle in Malaysia in May.

2/07 update: Now with Top 40 All-brands ranking.

After grinding to a complete halt in April (-99.7%), new car sales in Malaysia are estimated to drop -62.5% year-on-year in May to 22.800 units, pulling the year-to-date tally down -49% to 129.401 units. Brand leader Perodua is down -65.6% this month to 7.886 units and 34.6% share vs. 40.8% so far in 2020. Of the May total, the Myvi sold 2.612 units, the Axia 2.028, the Bezza 1.820, the Aruz 950 and the Alza 476. For its part Proton ranks #2 again and manages to lose “just” -46.5% to 5.676 units and 24.9% share which is its highest level since 2013 at a time when it was leading its home market and a striking bounce back from the low of 8.4% share it fell to less than two years ago in March 2018.

The Perodua Myvi is toppled.

But Proton’s most surprising feat in May is the propelling of the Saga as the country’s outright best-seller although it didn’t disclose any volumes. Facelifted last year, the Saga would have had to sell at least 2.613 units to displace the long-term leader, the Perodua Myvi. Note the Proton Saga nameplate topped the annual Malaysian charts from 1985 to 1993, peaking at 52.2% share in 52.3% share in 1992 but this generation never has, and a Perodua has dominated the annual Malaysian sales charts without interruption since 2004 and the Perodua Kancil. Proton also said the X70, Persona and Exora each topped their respective segments. Mitsubishi (-26.6%), Ford (-42.2%), Toyota (-49.9%), Isuzu (-50.6%) and Mazda (-52.5%) also outperform the market in the remainder of the Top 10 brands whereas Honda (-74.5%) and Nissan (-70.3%) sink.

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Full May 2020 Top 40 All-brands ranking below.

Malaysia May 2020 – brands:

7Mazda5032.2%-52.5% –3,2262.5%-43.1%66
8Isuzu4021.8%-50.6% –1,9781.5%-42.8%89
9Ford2881.3%-42.2% –1,4041.1%-44.8%1011
10Hino2251.0%-49.8% –1,0700.8%-52.6%1213
12Daihatsu880.4%-34.3% –2860.2%-43.0%2020
14Fuso680.3%-58.8% –4240.3%-42.2%1619
15Renault650.3%132.1% –2070.2%-38.9%2121
18Lexus310.1%-20.5% –1990.2%-5.2%2223
19UD Trucks300.1%-30.2% –1140.1%-25.0%2527
20Kia240.1%-92.0% –3570.3%-81.6%1914
21Porsche240.1%50.0% –920.1%16.5%2629
22CAMC180.1%-53.8% –1700.1%-6.1%2424
23Sinotruk60.0%-87.0% –580.0%-80.3%2828
24Land Rover60.0%-62.5% –430.0%-55.7%2930
25JAC50.0%25.0% –210.0%10.5%3336
26Chana40.0%-33.3% –270.0%-43.8%3132
27Bison30.0%-90.6% –290.0%-60.8%3031
28Bei Ben30.0%n/a –120.0%-66.7%3839
29Jaguar30.0%n/a –90.0%12.5%3942
30JMC20.0%-50.0% –170.0%-19.0%3440
31Tata20.0%-50.0% –170.0%-46.9%3535
32Auman20.0%-85.7% –70.0%-80.0%4037
33Foton10.0%-66.7% –160.0%-55.6%3633
34King Long10.0%-80.0% –150.0%-40.0%3738
35Subaru00.0%-100.0% –3830.3%-66.5%1715
36Volvo Trucks00.0%-100.0% –640.0%-54.0%2726
37MAN00.0%n/a –240.0%-11.1%3234
38BMW00.0%-100.0% –1,6001.2%-61.5%98
39Mercedes00.0%-100.0% –1,3421.0%-73.0%117
40Mini00.0%-100.0% –1730.1%-64.3%2322

Source: MAA

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