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Colombia May 2020: Chevy Onix and Mazda CX-30 top market down -59.9%

The Mazda CX-30 secures its 2nd podium finish in 3 months on sale in Colombia.

18/06 update: Now with Top 80 models.

11/06 update: Now with Top 30 brands and models.

The April 2020 article has now been updated with the Top 70 All-models.

After grounding to an almost complete halt in April (-98.9%), the Colombian new vehicle market is off -59.9% year-on-year in May to 8.933 sales, pulling the year-to-date tally down -37.5% to 60.414. Renault (-63.7%) returns to the brands pole position it holds in 2020 with Chevrolet (-57.7%) back down to #2 but with a strong 18.5% share vs. 17.6% so far this year. Toyota (-36.4%) rallies back 10 spots on last month to land its first ever podium finish in Columbia at #3 after cracking the Top 5 for the first time last December. Mazda (-55.1%) is up two spots to #4 and steals the third place YTD off Nissan (-70.7%) in the process. Mercedes (-31%) resists best in the Top 10 with Suzuki (-56.9%) also beating the market but Ford (-78.2%), Kia (-74.8%) and Volkswagen (-63.4%) implode. Below, Scania (+252.3%), International (+95.8%), Kenworth (+27.6%), JMC (+21.6%) and Mitsubishi (+6.5%) impress with gains.

The Chevrolet Onix (-14%) repeats atop the models charts, lodging a 4th win in the past 6 months. The Mazda CX-30, surprise leader in March, rallies back up 4 spots to a spectacular 2nd place at 4% share. These two nameplates are the only non-Renaults in the Top 7, with an army of 5 French models in tow: the Sandero Stepway (-46.8%), Kwid (-64.9%), Duster (-62.9%), Logan (-69.8%) and Sandero (-74.8%). The Toyota Hilux (-22.6%) shoots up 7 spots to #8 and the Mazda2 (-70.3%) is back up 25 to #10. Absent from the April ranking, the Toyota Corolla returns directly at #11 vs. #26 so far in 2020, with the Suzuki Vitara (-43.6%) and Renault Captur (-33.3%) also making it into the May Top 20.

Previous month: Colombia April 2020: Market stops at -98.9%, Chevrolet holds 35.5% share

One year ago: Colombia May 2019: Renault (+18.8%) confirms newfound leadership, Kwid #4 in market back up (+8.3%)

Full May 2020 Top 30 brands and Top 80 models below.

Colombia May 2020 – brands:

8Suzuki3033.4%-56.9% –2,2393.7%-30.5%89
10Ford2382.7%-78.2% –1,9483.2%-59.1%98
11Foton1812.0%-21.0% –7591.3%-20.0%1315
13Scania1551.7%252.3% –4530.7%277.5%1829
14BMW1171.3%-71.2% –1,0711.8%-23.9%1112
17Hyundai921.0%-76.8% –9791.6%-50.6%1210
18Honda750.8%-72.3% –6021.0%-45.4%1613
19JMC620.7%21.6% –3180.5%14.4%2227
20Citroen560.6%-45.1% –3560.6%-9.4%2023
21Peugeot530.6%-57.3% –4240.7%-28.5%1918
22Mitsubishi490.5%6.5% –1950.3%-64.4%2922
23International470.5%95.8% –1740.3%11.5%30n/a
25DongFeng440.5%-50.0% –2920.5%-34.8%2525
26Jeep330.4%-77.2% –2680.4%-62.5%2619
27Volvo280.3%-93.2% –2080.3%-64.7%2820
28Subaru230.3%-82.0% –3190.5%-41.3%2121
29Fiat180.2%-89.3% –3130.5%-56.8%2317
30ChangAn110.1%-78.4% –2620.4%-0.4%2728

Colombia May 2020 – models:

1Chevrolet Onix4485.0%-14.0%12,4044.0%-18.2%14
2Mazda CX-303594.0%new69051.5%new17 –
3Renault Sandero Stepway3073.4%-50.7%82,0673.4%-40.9%53
4Renault Kwid3053.4%-64.9%221,5352.5%-28.5%96
5Renault Duster2903.2%-62.9%111,9553.2%-43.1%75
6Renault Logan2582.9%-69.6% –2,1663.6%-41.4%22
7Renault Sandero2552.9%-74.8% –2,1393.5%-49.6%31
8Kia Picanto2252.5%-63.2%102,1153.5%-22.8%410
9Toyota Hilux2222.5%-22.6%158841.5%-34.7%1819
11Toyota Corolla2072.3%83.2% –6241.0%12.2%2739
12Chevrolet Spark GT2002.2%-77.2%31,3992.3%-63.8%109
13Chevrolet Beat1952.2%-78.3%52,0423.4%-28.7%67
14Foton BJ10261772.0%n/a50n/an/an/an/an/a
15Toyota Fortuner1681.9%-43.4% –7861.3%-39.5%2318
16JAC HFC1531.7%n/a9n/an/an/an/a60
17Chevrolet Tracker1501.7%-45.7%148681.4%-45.1%1915
18Suzuki Vitara1461.6%-43.6%64n/an/an/an/a24
19Chevrolet NHR1321.5%-35.6%236151.0%-33.3%2831
20Renault Captur1321.5%-33.3% –6941.1%-19.7%2529
21Scania F340 HA 8X21301.5%n/a –n/an/an/an/an/a
22Nissan Frontier NP3001251.4%-65.9%189171.5%-51.9%1614
24Toyota Prado1141.3%-57.1% –7541.2%-39.7%2423
25Nissan Versa1011.1%-50.2% –1,1631.9%13.4%1326
26Chevrolet Captiva961.1%new128281.4%new20114
27Kia Sportage961.1%-69.8%139831.6%-17.5%1521
28Mazda CX-5911.0%-81.7% –1,2442.1%-35.7%1212
29VW Gol911.0%-68.0%163580.6%-74.1%3116
30Nissan March861.0%-81.9%361,3642.3%-41.2%1111
31Kenworth T800830.9%n/a4n/an/an/an/a67
32Ford Ecosport770.9%-74.3%388071.3%-48.3%2120
33Ford Ranger770.9%-61.3%49n/an/an/an/a36
34Kia Rio710.8%-73.5%397961.3%-25.4%2228
35Chevrolet N300700.8%-34.6%27n/an/an/an/a46
36Chevrolet D-Max660.7%-54.8%25n/an/an/an/a38
37Nissan Kicks640.7%-77.1% –6701.1%-46.4%2622
38Toyota RAV4630.7%-72.4% –n/an/an/an/a37
39VW T-Cross590.7%new –n/an/anewn/a50
40Foton BJ1039570.6%n/a –n/an/an/an/a57
41Nissan Qashqai530.6%-71.5% –4470.7%-45.4%3034
42Mercedes Clase A500.6%n/a58n/an/an/an/a69
43JMC JX-Series490.5%n/a –n/an/an/an/a87
44Renault Duster Oroch460.5%-75.0% –6001.0%-25.9%2930
45Mercedes Clase GLC450.5%n/a59n/an/an/an/a64
46Renault Alaskan450.5%n/a –n/an/an/an/a100
47VW Voyage450.5%-71.2% –n/an/an/an/a32
48Mitsubishi L200440.5%n/a –n/an/an/an/a92
49Suzuki Swift420.5%-76.1% –n/an/an/an/a35
50Toyota 4Runner420.5%n/a –n/an/an/an/a56
51Chevrolet NRR390.4%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
52Chevrolet NQR360.4%n/a –n/an/an/an/a59
53Honda CR-V350.4%-65.3% –n/an/an/an/a47
54Chevrolet FRR340.4%n/a26n/an/an/an/a61
55Mercedes Clase CLA340.4%n/a –n/an/an/an/a113
56Nissan Urvan340.4%n/a –n/an/an/an/an/a
57Chevrolet Equinox330.4%-76.6%42n/an/an/an/a41
58Suzuki Baleno330.4%n/a –n/an/an/an/a141
59Suzuki S-Cross330.4%n/a –n/an/an/an/a51
60VW Virtus330.4%n/a34n/an/an/an/a49
61Hyundai Creta320.4%n/a –n/an/an/an/a90
62Ford Escape310.3%-88.6%47n/an/an/an/a33
63VW Amarok310.3%-76.9%33n/an/an/an/a44
64VW Polo310.3%n/a69n/an/an/an/a94
65Chevrolet Blazer300.3%new –n/an/anewn/a128
66Foton BJ3253300.3%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
67Renault Kangoo300.3%n/a –n/an/an/an/a71
68Citroen C4 Cactus290.3%n/a45n/an/an/an/a82
69Hyundai Grand i10290.3%-85.4% –n/an/an/an/a27
70Mercedes Clase GLE280.3%n/a17n/an/an/an/a95
71Ford F-150260.3%n/a48n/an/an/an/an/a
72Hino XZU640L260.3%n/a32n/an/an/an/a66
73VW Fox260.3%n/a67n/an/an/an/an/a
74Chevrolet NKR250.3%n/a –n/an/an/an/a84
75Dongfeng EQ-Series250.3%n/a –n/an/an/an/an/a
76Mercedes Clase GLA240.3%n/a –n/an/an/an/a76
77Kia Soluto170.2%new56n/an/anewn/a109
78Mazda CX-3170.2%-86.8% –n/an/an/an/a40
79Kia Cerato150.2%n/a54n/an/an/an/a96
80Susuki S-Presso150.2%new –n/an/anewn/a –

Source: ANDEMOS, El Carro Colombiano

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