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Thailand April 2020: Toyota up to 36.7% share, Hilux back to #1 in market down -65%

The Toyota Hilux is the #1 vehicle in Thailand for the first time this year.

24/07 update: Now with Top 62 All-models.

Thailand has by and large squashed the coronavirus for now, with just 3.037 confirmed cases as of May 20 vs. 2.931 when we published the March update on April 28. To achieve this figure, the country had to implement strict curfews from early April on, and the new car market logically suffered at -65% year-on-year to 30.109 units, pulling the year-to-date tally down -34.2% to 230.173.

Toyota (-58.9%) improves to a whopping 36.7% share vs. 29.2% so far this year with Isuzu (-55.4%) at 22.8% vs. 21.4%, meaning these two manufacturers account for almost 60% of the entire Thai market in April. The Top 5 brands are unchanged on March, with Honda (-76.6%), Mitsubishi (-69.7%), Nissan (-62.2%) and Ford (-73.1%) in tow but freefalling. MG (-48.2%) once again breaks its market share record at 3.8% with Lexus (-22.5%), Suzuki (-46.1%) and Kia (-52.7%) among the best performers further down. The Toyota Hilux (-52.2%) is back above the Isuzu D-Max (-55%) in the models ranking for the first time this year, with the Honda City (-65.4%), Ford Ranger (-73.7%) and Mitsubishi Triton (-62.5%) cloturing the Top 5.

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Full April 2020 Top 25 All-brands and Top 62 All-models below.

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