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Media post: How to Prepare Your Car for a Sale in 2020

Selling one of your favorite and most faithful cars can always feel like a difficult task. With so many memories with your motor, you’re going to want a very good price to compensate for the regret you feel selling your prized vehicle. In this article, you’ll learn how to get that very best price. Read on to discover what steps you’ll need to take to get your car absolutely squeaky-clean in the days before you take the photos, and take your vehicle to the showroom to sell.


When you’re selling a high-quality vehicle, you need to understand that the buyer is going to be looking at every inch of the interior and the bodywork in order to assess the value of your car. This means that you need to get there before your buyer, in order to spot the things that they will spot. Take a lap of your car, looking out for:

  • Small dents and scratches
  • Parts of the paintwork that have chipped off
  • Marks on any of the surfaces that aren’t painted
  • Loose or poorly-fitted parts of the body’s panel
  • Stubborn marks that can be washed off

When you spot any of these, you need to formulate a plan to get your car to the best version of itself before you sell. You want your car to look ‘like-new’ in order to get the best price for it on a sale. That means investing in its appearance before you put it on the market.

Upkeep and Upgrades

Now is the time to make changes to all of those parts of your car that you’ve noticed are sub-standard. Perhaps half of these will require your taking your vehicle into the garage, while half will require you to simply purchase the right products, and work on your vehicle yourself. Get the mechanics to do any job you’re not confident doing on your own: it’s not worth damaging your car further for the sake of a hundred bucks.

Meanwhile, you can use products and services from specific car suppliers and valets that will be able to help you make your car look tip-top in the period before you meet buyers. You should look to Distinctive Detailing NC to help you get those finer details sorted just in time for the moment you’re going to sell your vehicle.

Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve made the exterior of the car look incredible, it’s time to give your interior a once-over. You should always use a professional valet service to clean the interior of an expensive vehicle, as they’ll know how to be careful around the metal and the paintwork. They’ll also use the right products to make your car sparkle and smell great.

Remember, your car will go for thousands of dollars more if it feels as if it’s new – if there are any signs of wear and tear, the buyer will hold that against you and your vehicle, and will ask for a better price on your car as a result.

Selling your car takes some preparation in order to achieve the best price, as you’ll have learned from the three tips outlined above.

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