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Media post: Record Your Road Journeys with Best Dash Cams for Added Safety: Top 3 Picks

Several factors are available to consider when it comes to picking the best dash cams. From storage capacity and options to video resolution and price, each dash cam and brand provides special features that cater to different unique needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are after a high-end model with many advanced features or a budget-friendly option; these top three brands have something for everyone.

Experts have compiled a comprehensive comparison of the three best dash cams and providers available in the market. In the end, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your vehicle. Let’s find out more.


Nexar is popular for its smart and cutting-edge innovation in terms of vehicle surveillance. The brand’s popular model is Nexar One, which comes with multiple key features that make it to top the list. It boasts a 140o wide-angle lens and a 4K high-definition video quality. These features enable Nexar One dash cam to capture crystal-clear videos.

That means every finer detail is captured in every incident or your road journeys. The attractive features that Nexar One offers don’t end there. It has a real-time cloud connectivity feature. This feature enables users to upload and access stored videos from anywhere, any time.

The installation process is also a simple one and an advanced driver-assistance system is also available. Users will also benefit from collision alerts and lane departure warnings.


Lanmodo isn’t as popular as Nexar. However, the brand has some good dash cam models. The brand’s Vast Pro is the latest and most popular model. It mimics the appearance of a rearview mirror. Thanks to this, the dash cam offers a more seamless appearance once installed.

Depending on what you want to capture, you can mount your device to the dashboard or windshield. A 12-volt outlet or an OBD port powers this dash cam that comes with some attractive features like:

– Night vision

– G-sensors

– A rear camera

– A 24-hour parking mode


Rexing is known to offer some tough dash cams. One of its tough camera models is the V1. It has a supercapacitor that allows it to handle temperatures anywhere between -20o and 166o Fahrenheit. This feature makes it perfect for venturing off into extreme situations. Also, it includes a vast array of premium features like:

– 2160p resolution

– Wi-Fi connectivity

– Loop recording

– A parking monitor


A dash cam is a useful device. Ride-share, delivery, and truck drivers are all experts who spend most of their time behind the wheel, meaning a dash cam can be their ultimate tool for safety. Apart from capturing all incidents around their vehicles, the best dash cams can also protect these professionals by exonerating them from liability in the case of a traffic infraction or accident.

The three dash cams and providers discussed above offer products and services that will meet your unique needs and even exceed them. Compare the different options they offer and select your perfect match.

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