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Media post: What To Do With Your Scrap Car

Like any car lover, you probably have that one extra ride parked in the garage collecting dust. With spring cleaning approaching, it might be time to think about finally saying goodbye to your old love.

Scrap cars make up a huge sector of the vehicle economy. Each year in the United States, between 12 and 15 million cars reach the end of their use. How each person deals with a scrap car usually boils down to cost and environmental impact.

When it comes time to part ways, there are many ways to say goodbye when you’re ready. It might be difficult to let go, but here are some things to consider when getting rid of your scrap car.


Your first question most likely will be: how much money can I get for my vehicle? If you’re going to give it up, you might as well make a solid return on it.

Ultimately, you might want to consider bringing your vehicle to a cash for car parts company. This is the easiest way to make sure your vehicle is scrapped safely and responsibly. You’re also guaranteed to make money from the deal.

Most companies can give you a quote online or over the phone. Many services offer to match the price of their competitors. It’s a good time to be selling scrap!

Choosing a Cash For Car Company

Which service you choose is a difficult decision. In each city, there are countless companies and services all in competition over your vehicle. This can make choosing a single company a daunting task.

You want a company that can provide you the most bang for your buck while also remaining environmentally responsible. For example, this scrap car recycling company in Toronto offers 24/7 pick-up.


Did you know up to 25% of your current vehicle can be made from recycled material? Unfortunately, car waste can be devastating to the environment. That is why recycling is a huge part of the car economy. Thankfully, it’s possible to recycle up to 75% of each scrap car, significantly decreasing the harm done to the planet.


If you are in the giving mood, donation can be a great way to lose your old car and free up some space in the garage, while also giving back. In each country, there are tons of organisations dedicated to bringing cars to those who are less fortunate. Look into donation, no matter the status of your vehicle. Trade schools will always accept your vehicle to train students.


Unfortunately, there can be a bit of paperwork involved, but don’t let that stop you! Each country has different protocol but, many will require you to simply prove that you own the vehicle you are scrapping. Within the U.K., you may be required to have a vehicle log book also known as V5C. If you don’t have this document, you can have it sent to you in a few short weeks.

The Time Is Now!

Understandably, It is difficult to say goodbye to your car. After years of memories and time spent together, a car begins to feel like a member of the family. But scraping is not the end; it is a new beginning for another driver.

Make sure you are getting the best deal available from a car parts company in your area. This process is a breeze if handled properly, and you may even make a pretty penny from your old ride. If you decide not to use a car parts company, remember that it’s your responsibility to make sure your car is disposed of in a safe manner.

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