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Denmark January 2020: Peugeot 208 reclaims lead in market down -12.4%

The Peugeot 208 is the best-selling vehicle in Denmark in January.

The Danish new car market takes a harsh blow in January with sales down a steep -12.4% to 18.671 units. Brand leaders Volkswagen (-21.5%) and Peugeot (-25.9%) fall even faster than the market but remain on top, while Toyota (-1.3%) holds very well to return to the third spot it held over FY2019. Mercedes (+12.3%) and Hyundai (+5.6%) are the only Top 10 brands in positive, just as Kia (-3.6%) limits its fall to single-digits but Skoda (-38.7%), Ford (-23.2%), Suzuki (-21.4%) and Citroen (-15.4%) all freefall. Beyond the Top 10, Tesla (+1360%), Land Rover (+800%), Porsche (+160%), Mitsubishi (+151.5%), Jeep (+52.9%), Volvo (+42.4%), Subaru (+29.4%), Renault (+24.5%) and BMW (+15.5%) all defy adverse conditions to post spectacular gains. Finally, notice the arrival of Chinese EV maker Aiways at #38 with the very first unit of its U5 crossover sold both in Europe and outside of China.

The Aiways U5 has landed in Denmark – and in Europe.

In the models ranking, the Peugeot 208 (-16.2%) is back to pole position for the second time in the past 3 months despite a steep fall, followed by the Citroen C3 (-28.6%) also hit very hard but somehow managing to rank #2. The Toyota Aygo (+43%) is up 18 spots on December to land on the third step of the podium, distancing the VW Polo (+14.6%) and Citroen C1 (+1.7%). The VW T-Cross is back up 30 ranks to #6, but all remaining Top 10 nameplates implode, starting with the VW Golf (-53.4%) and Toyota Yaris (-31.8%). The Renault Captur (+107.4%), Volvo V60 (+90.1%), BMW 3 Series (+52.4%) and VW T-Roc (+46.4%) also impress in the Top 20.

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Full January 2020 Top 38 All-brands and Top 225 All-models below.

Denmark January 2020 – brands:

25Land Rover450.2%800.0%2627
27Alfa Romeo260.1%-27.8%2926
35CF Moto10.0%n/a3335
37Man10.0%-80.0% –32
38Aiways10.0%new – –

Denmark January 2020 – models:

1Peugeot 2088204.4%-16.2%43
2Citroen C36483.5%-28.6%302
3Toyota Aygo6323.4%43.0%219
4VW Polo5352.9%14.6%64
5Citroen C15322.8%1.7%3510
6VW T-Cross4012.1%new3628
7Toyota Yaris3962.1%-31.8%85
8Nissan Qashqai3682.0%-21.2%31
9VW Golf3672.0%-53.4%137
10Skoda Octavia3391.8%-24.8%108
11Renault Captur3381.8%107.4%533
12Hyundai i103331.8%2.8%2537
13VW T-Roc3281.8%46.4%1219
14Volvo V603251.7%90.1%2738
15BMW 3 Series3141.7%52.4%717
16Mercedes C Class3031.6%-3.8%1415
17Mercedes A Class2951.6%-4.2%2020
18Toyota Corolla2901.6%new2323
19Ford Focus2851.5%-1.4%1111
20Ford Fiesta2841.5%-17.9%2416
21Peugeot 3082791.5%-23.1%4526
22Suzuki Swift2631.4%4.4%7740
23VW Passat2521.3%-9.7%214
24Renault Clio2481.3%-23.2%156
25Skoda Fabia2411.3%-22.0%1812
26Peugeot 1082321.2%-21.9%6025
27Hyundai Kona2251.2%5.6%2235
28Kia Cee’d2041.1%5.7%6843
29Kia Picanto2031.1%16.0%4846
30VW Touran2021.1%-35.5%1718
31Toyota RAV41891.0%-3.1%6736
32Audi A61871.0%6.3%4242
33Mercedes CLA1841.0%275.5%3977
34Hyundai i201811.0%-5.2%4141
35Seat Arona1811.0%262.0%7859
36Peugeot 30081801.0%-15.9%6231
37Opel Corsa1791.0%-25.1%17732
38Mitsubishi Outlander1740.9%159.7%73106
39Toyota C-HR1700.9%-36.1%4034
40Peugeot 5081660.9%253.2%5485
41Suzuki Ignis1630.9%4.5%8751
42Audi A41600.9%16.8%1644
43Opel Astra1530.8%-5.0%11524
44Suzuki SX41520.8%26.7%10870
45Citroen C5 Aircross1390.7%new9080
46Volvo XC601380.7%-4.2%6164
47BMW 1 Series1370.7%17.1%4682
48Ford S-Max1370.7%-30.5%5058
49Mercedes E Class1370.7%-9.3%3839
50Ford Mondeo1290.7%10.3%5160
51Opel Crossland X1260.7%0.8%5852
52Opel Grandland X1210.6%278.1%9676
53Kia Sportage1160.6%16.0%119101
54Kia Niro1140.6%-65.0%10348
55Seat Leon1130.6%-35.4%3745
56Volvo XC401110.6%65.7%5671
57Mazda CX-301080.6%new3292
58Kia Optima1070.6%568.8%8189
59Fiat 5001030.6%-11.2%5247
60Suzuki Vitara1000.5%-35.1%10761
61Skoda Scala950.5%new80104
62Citroen C4 Spacetourer930.5%-13.1%7453
63Suzuki Baleno890.5%-65.4%11149
64Mercedes GLC810.4%39.7%7196
65Skoda Karoq800.4%15.9%4965
66Skoda Kamiq790.4%new106201
67Hyundai Tucson780.4%66.0%7081
68Hyundai i30760.4%-20.8%3368
69VW Up!760.4%-78.8%913
70Audi A3730.4%-59.2%6521
71Nissan Leaf720.4%80.0%133125
72Peugeot 5008720.4%-45.5%7967
73Mazda CX-5710.4%-52.0%7256
74Skoda Superb710.4%-14.5%4463
75Renault Megane700.4%218.2%5954
76Kia Stonic680.4%6.3%11397
77Mitsubishi Space Star680.4%n/a160130
78VW Tiguan680.4%-84.1%2822
79Hyundai Ioniq670.4%97.1%100102
80Volvo V90670.4%34.0%92109
81BMW 5 Series630.3%-25.0%8457
82BMW X1630.3%23.5%3179
83Audi Q2620.3%-30.3%6675
85Seat Ibiza620.3%44.2%9966
86Mercedes B Class600.3%17.6%11687
87Tesla Model 3600.3%2900.0%129
88Seat Ateca580.3%81.3%10999
89Ford Transit/Tourneo Custom570.3%29.5%4795
90Audi Q3560.3%124.0%8650
91Skoda Kodiaq470.3%-28.8%2678
92VW Arteon440.2%4.8%2991
93Citroen C4 Cactus430.2%-64.8%10174
94Kia Rio430.2%16.2%117105
95Ford Puma410.2%new – –
96Citroen C3 Aircross400.2%-49.4%9484
97Suzuki Celerio400.2%-65.5%13490
98Dacia Sandero390.2%56.0%14188
99Mercedes GLE380.2%1800.0%136143
100Audi Q5370.2%146.7%128120
101BMW X2370.2%48.0%5793
102Dacia Logan MCV360.2%-12.2%127111
103DS 7360.2%-37.9%63107
104Renault Espace360.2%3500.0%137182
105Renault Kadjar360.2%16.1%8262
106Renault Zoe360.2%71.4%105110
107BMW X3330.2%43.5%124131
108Kia Xceed330.2%new152183
109Nissan Micra330.2%-23.3%155117
110Opel Insignia300.2%-31.8%150119
111Audi e-Tron290.2%new83136
113Seat Tarraco290.2%new132124
114BMW 2 Series280.1%-26.3%88112
115Mercedes V Class270.1%68.8%130153
117Peugeot Rifter260.1%18.2%122129
118Suzuki Jimny260.1%420.0%143142
119Honda Civic250.1%-58.3%138113
120Nissan X-Trail250.1%56.3%135132
121Citroen Berlingo230.1%-54.9%112114
122Nissan Juke230.1%76.9%89170
123Dacia Duster210.1%-27.6%98100
124Renault Scenic210.1%-70.8%5573
125Volvo S90200.1%185.7%145166
126Range Rover Evoque190.1%533.3%125145
127Mercedes Sprinter180.1%-47.1%172133
128Peugeot 2008180.1%-94.9%1927
129Jeep Compass170.1%54.5%180185
130Range Rover Velar170.1%750.0%173171
131Subaru Forester170.1%112.5%139178
132Audi A5160.1%-51.5%9183
133Ford Galaxy160.1%-27.3%148150
134Honda CR-V160.1%-54.3%121127
135Volvo V40160.1%-59.0%120118
136Renault Twingo150.1%50.0%142155
137Fiat Panda140.1%100.0%178151
138Honda HR-V140.1%16.7%157168
139Toyota Camry140.1%new151164
140Mini Countryman130.1%n/a156157
141BMW 4 Series110.1%-80.0%118115
142Fiat Tipo110.1%-21.4%93135
143Ford Transit110.1%10.0%129148
144Renault Talisman110.1%37.5%85140
145Alfa Romeo Giulia100.1%-33.3%147146
146Alfa Romeo Stelvio100.1%0.0%165147
147Dacia Lodgy100.1%66.7%140139
148Mini Clubman100.1%n/a179161
149VW Crafter100.1%n/a204235
150BMW i390.0%-35.7%154116
151BMW X490.0%12.5% –187
152Porsche Macan90.0%350.0%153189
153Fiat 500X80.0%-60.0%197167
154Honda Jazz80.0%-81.4%163121
155Jeep Renegade80.0%33.3%167177
156VW Caddy80.0%-27.3%144149
157VW Caravelle80.0%166.7%146134
158BMW X570.0%133.3%162173
159DS 3 Crossback70.0%new95138
160Jaguar i-Pace70.0%-65.0%149172
161Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross70.0%-53.3%166156
162Tesla Model X70.0%250.0%110163
163Alfa Romeo Giulietta60.0%-45.5% –196
164Fiat Ducato60.0%100.0%158180
165Tesla Model S60.0%500.0%69141
166Toyota Prius60.0%-77.8%164128
167Volvo S6060.0%n/a168181
168Audi Q750.0%66.7%187213
169Seat Mii50.0%-96.1% –103
170Volvo XC9050.0%0.0%123162
171VW Sharan50.0%0.0%131159
172Audi A140.0%-77.8%196152
173BMW X740.0%new –250
174Fiat 500L40.0%-85.7% –176
175Kia Soul40.0%n/a201195
176Mercedes GLA40.0%-87.9%97123
177Toyota Proace/Verso40.0%-76.5%126160
178BMW 7 Series30.0%n/a169207
179Kia Stinger30.0%n/a –218
180Land Rover Discovery Sport30.0%n/a182198
181Mercedes CLS30.0%0.0% –206
182Nilsson Hearse30.0%0.0%170214
183Subaru Outback30.0%50.0%174205
184Audi A820.0%100.0% –252
185Audi Q820.0%-50.0%199190
186Citroen Jumpy20.0%n/a –277
187Ford Mustang20.0%0.0%181192
188Jaguar E-Pace20.0%-90.5%198186
189Land Rover Discovery20.0%n/a189221
190Mercedes G Class20.0%n/a –232
191Porsche Panamera20.0%100.0% –228
192Range Rover20.0%n/a –231
193Range Rover Sport20.0%n/a192229
194Renault Trafic20.0%n/a –223
195VW Touareg20.0%-85.7%161169
196Lexus ES20.0%n/a –
197Audi A710.0%-50.0%203216
198BMW 6 Series10.0%n/a190222
199BMW 8 Series10.0%0.0% –233
200BMW X610.0%n/a211276
201BMW Z410.0%n/a –224
202CF Moto CForce 100010.0%n/a194262
203Eagle EG2048HCXR-0210.0%n/a210271
204Eagle EL-GOLFBIL10.0%n/a –274
205Ford Tourneo Connect10.0%n/a216284
206Hyundai Nexo10.0%new –267
207Jaguar F-Pace10.0%-80.0%200194
208Jaguar F-Type10.0%n/a –260
209Jeep Wrangler10.0%n/a208255
210Lamborghini Urus10.0%n/a209261
211MAN TGE10.0%-80.0% –200
212Mercedes GLS10.0%n/a –292
213Nissan NV20010.0%-85.7%186211
214Peugeot Expert10.0%-92.3% –193
215Porsche 91110.0%0.0% –203
216Porsche Cayenne10.0%n/a188217
217Subaru XV10.0%-83.3%202202
218Toyota Prius+10.0%-75.0% –212
219Toyota Supra10.0%new –263
220Subaru BRZ10.0%n/a – –
221VW Amarok10.0%n/a – –
222Aiways U510.0%new – –
223Lexus NX10.0%n/a – –

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