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Switzerland Full Year 2019: 4WDs above 50% share, Skoda Octavia 3peats at #1, Tesla Model 3 wins 2 months

The Tesla Model 3 topped the Swiss charts in March and December 2019.

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New car sales in Switzerland bounce back up 3.9% year-on-year in 2019 to 311.466 registrations, helped by strong 4×4 sales up 8.9% to 160.078 and 51.4% share vs. 49.1% in 2018, making Switzerland the only country in the world where actual four-wheel-drives (not just crossovers) represent over half of the market. Surging EV deliveries up 157.7% to 13.165 and 4.2% share vs. just 1.7% a year ago and soaring hybrids up 68% to 26.271 and 8.4% share vs. 5.2% last year mean alternative fuels shoot up 88.6% to 40.714 units and 13.1% share vs. 7.2% in 2018. In contrast diesel sales dive -11.9% to 79.332 and 25.5% share vs. 30% a year ago.

Volkswagen (+4.5%) remains the most popular carmaker in Switzerland at 11.1% ahead of Mercedes (+4.2%) at 8.6%, BMW (+2.4%) at 8%, Skoda (+25.8%) at 7.7% and Audi (+1.8%) at 6%, meaning the Top 5 brands is unchanged on 2018. But behind this apparent calm hid a few surprises in 2019, notably the pole position of Mercedes in both August and September, replicating the two winning months it also scored in 2018 (February and September). Seat (+25.4%) leaps up 3 spots to #6 and is with Toyota (+16.3%) the only additional double-digit gainer in the Top 10. Below, Tesla (+317.4%), Bugatti (+71.4%), Lamborghini (+56.6%), Rolls Royce (+40.9%), Lexus (+27.5%), Alpine (+25.3%), Jaguar (+13.4%) and Ferrari (+10.1%) make themselves noticed.

Over in the models ranking, the Skoda Octavia (+9.8%) secures a third consecutive annual win, becoming the only nameplate alongside the VW Golf (-8.4%), down to #3 this year, to have topped the Swiss charts at least 3 times since 1973. The VW Tiguan (+4.7%) steps up to a record #2 and like last year scores two monthly wins (April and July) but the main 2019 event in Switzerland is the thunderous arrival of the Tesla Model 3, ranking #1 in March and December, #2 in June and #3 in September to finish the year at a stellar 4th place with 1.6% share, knocking the Mercedes GLC (-4.9%) down to #5. The Skoda Kodiaq (+111.3%), Karoq (+89.3%) and Mercedes A-Class (+43%) all break into the Top 10 with spectacular gains.

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