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Media post: Equipment Transportation

Transporting equipment is an absolute necessity in some industries such as construction or when manufacturers have projects to complete using specific machinery. And many construction companies often see little need to purchase flatbeds or containers for moving fixed working capital. The type of equipment will often dictate the type of flatbed needed to complete the transporting, and having the right flatbed trailer rental in Baltimore can be very important. No job is too big or too small for some companies that aim to provide excellent customer service in hopes of an ongoing working relationship. Satisfied returning customers is the hallmark of any successful business, and some companies understand that principle. It is always essential to have the right hauling equipment for the shipping job.

The Maryland Area

The Maryland area is situated ideally for any business in the Baltimore metropolitan area needing to move certain equipment by flatbed. This includes semi tractor owner-operators as well as established companies needing transportation movement products. Baltimore is indeed the regional hub, but the expanded area also includes Washington, D.C. to the south and other points along the eastern corridor such as Philadelphia. Projects abound in this region, and a reputable and dependable trailer leasing company is ready to provide equipment movement trailers for any transportation need.

Types of Trailers

Flatbed trailers are not a “one type fits all” product. Different types of loads require different shipping needs. Most clients will the standard flat bed with strapping gear and winches that are necessary for securing any load in avoiding shifting. Shifted loads are actually a primary contributor to many accidents, and many times this happens when equipment or products being transferred are not sufficiently anchored with the right booms. Other than the standard flatbeds, other types of flatbeds include:

  • Curtain sided trailers
  • Extendible beds
  • Multiple level sliding axles

Always use flatbeds that are made of steel, aluminum, and composite, so no load is too heavy or light for transportation needs. Many companies that know they will have a need for a flatbed will actually opt to purchase a trailer as opposed to leasing in many cases.

Things to Know About Flatbeds

The primary elements of a flatbed that haulers should understand often deal with carrying capacity and highway rules and regulations. Safety is a concern for all transportation professionals, and it is imperative to make sure all rules of the road regarding equipment hauling are observed. Overloading a trailer is never a good decision, and it is important to know the limit for each type of flatbed. Using a trailer manufactured by a reputable company with a strong track record for building quality equipment is always best. You can feel comfortable knowing you have quality hauling products, and that there is access to any information needed regarding safety requirements and features. The law is focused on safety first, last, and so are companies that offer flatbed trailer rental in Baltimore.

Flatbeds vs. Alternatives

Many shippers will first consider a container of some type when leasing hauling equipment. The truth is, the type of trailer needed is dependent on the type of equipment or product being transported. Container cargo trailers work well for some items, but equipment often rides better in an open air secured format with solid booming and harnessing. In addition, removing the equipment at the point of destination can be problematic as well for containers with limited access. Sliding container doors can be very contrary, and the potential for an internal shifted load that is not noticed in transit is much higher. The visual aspects alone are often enough to necessitate using a flatbed, and shipping companies should consider a wide variety of flatbed types.

It is important to remember that the trailer you use to haul any heavy equipment is vital for a safe arrival. Knowing the type of flatbed you need beforehand is always best so you will be prepared when making a final selection. If you have a construction project in the Maryland area you may want to look into a flatbed trailer rental company in Baltimore with an established reputation and long track record of success.

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