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Media post: 5 Things To Do If You’re At Fault For a Car Accident In New Port Richey, FL

We never expect to be involved in a crash, but most people will experience one at some point. Even if you’re an overly cautious driver, one minor misstep could cause a collision.

If you find yourself at fault for a car accident in New Port Richey, Florida, don’t panic. The other driver might share responsibility for the crash. Additionally, Florida implements a no-fault insurance system. Drivers must first turn to their own PIP policy to pay for medical expenses, regardless of who’s to blame for the accident.

Visit our website for further guidance, and continue reading to learn five steps you should take to protect your legal rights if you’re at fault for a collision.

1. Stop Your Vehicle and Call the Police

Under Florida law, after a crash, all drivers must stop their vehicles at or near the accident scene and fulfill certain obligations. Leaving before you’ve done so could result in a hit-and-run charge.

If anyone is injured, you have a duty to render aid, such as by calling 911 to request an ambulance. You should also exchange information with the other driver, including your contact, auto, and insurance details.

You must immediately call the police to report a Florida traffic accident if it resulted in:

– Injury

– Death

– Property damage exceeding $500 (which will apply to most collisions)

Additionally, call 911 if the other driver fled the scene, seems intoxicated, or is in a commercial motor vehicle. You should always consider notifying the authorities, regardless of whether you need to or not. They will complete a crash report containing objective information about the collision.

2. Don’t Admit Fault

Even if you think you’re entirely to blame for a motor vehicle accident, don’t apologize at the crash scene. Don’t say anything to indicate that you’re at fault. You never know if some underlying factor – such as a defective auto part – contributed to the incident.

Let the police speak to each party and get their accounts of what happened. When you’re talking to the officer, provide objective information. Don’t make assumptions or admit fault.

An investigation may reveal that the other driver was partially responsible for causing the collision. For example, maybe they were speeding when you struck their vehicle. In that case, Florida’s modified comparative negligence lawwill apply to any claim that might be filed against you.

Under this rule, the claimant’s compensation is reduced by their percentage of blame. And, if their portion of responsibility exceeds 50%, you will not owe them anything.

An attorney can explain this concept in further detail and protect your legal rights. They’ll thoroughly investigate the collision and ensure you aren’t assigned an unreasonable percentage of blame for it.

3. Document the Accident Scene

Collect as much evidence as possible right after the auto accident, if possible. While the police report will be crucial if a case is filed against you, your documentation of the crash will also be helpful.

Take photos and videos of things like:

– Vehicle damage

– Road debris

– Skid marks

– Traffic conditions

– Weather conditions

Additionally, obtain information from anyone who witnessed the collision. An eyewitness may have seen something that you aren’t aware of.

4. Seek Prompt Medical Attention

You should get a medical evaluation as soon as possible after your accident – even if you don’t think you were hurt. Some types of injuries may only be diagnosed with testing. Others may not manifest symptoms right away.

If your doctor finds anything wrong, your medical record will show that your injury resulted from the crash. You may need this for your own PIP insurance claim and any future counterclaim you may pursue (such as if the other driver shares fault).

5. Get Legal Advice

The best thing you can do to safeguard yourself is to seek prompt legal guidance. Most Florida personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation. During your appointment, you can discuss your traffic accident and learn about your legal rights and options.

Your attorney can also review your auto insurance coverage and help you negotiate with adjusters for fair compensation.

Consult an Experienced New Port Richey Car Accident Attorney To Protect Your Legal Rights

Being at fault for a car accident can be overwhelming. However, you can competently navigate complex issues with a New Port Richey car accident lawyer’s help. They’ll advocate for your best interests and shield you from unfair outcomes.

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