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Media post: Car Hacks To Add Comfort To Your Drive

Almost everyone has some issues with the interior of their car. Whether you need extra cup holders or there is just not enough storage space available for long road trips. Improving the interior space of your care can greatly change your general quality of driving. You may not have to invest a small fortune to purchase a new vehicle simply to be able to enjoy your daily commute and those occasional road trip journeys. If you are looking for the ultimate car hacks that will add comfort to your drive, the following innovative solutions are for you.

Multiply USB Power

Keeping a charger on you has become the norm ever since smartphones took over. While batteries surely don’t last all that long, it may become quite an annoyance to be journeying on a long trip with others only to find yourselves rotating charger use. Rather than finding yourself in a pickle each time someone is accompanying you on the road, you should multiply your USB power to accommodate yourself and anyone travelling with you. There are several handy products out there that will allow you to charge more than one device through your car, which means you will be able to shop around and find one that’s just right for your general needs.

Floor Insulation

If your car is on the louder side after certain performance modifications, you may be wondering how you could possibly conceal your roaring engine and other sounds. Luckily, insulating your floors is the perfect solution for this common issue. Replacing your current carpet padding and opting for quality floor insulation will drastically reduce noise disturbances while driving, allowing you a most comfortable drive. This handy hack will provide a significant reduction in road noises and car noises that can be most annoying during daily commutes and even more so when travelling long distances. You won’t need to turn up the tunes to drown out rattling and roaring any more as insulated floors will solve the irritating issue.

Electronics Dock

Every car needs some sort of docking station for electronic devices. However, if you have been experiencing difficulties searching for one that accommodates your needs and preferences, you could always DIY your docking station. You will need to purchase a piece of plastic board from a hobby shop along with some adhesive tape and fasteners such as velcro. You may find that making your own docking station would be a much more practical solution as store-bought ones usually don’t last long and most drivers experience issues with the suction cups. You will be able to fashion your docking station to your liking and fasten it down with quality adhesive tape, therefore, you won’t have to deal with your devices landing up falling under seats while driving ever again.

Door Mounted Cup Holders

Next to annoying driving sounds, one of the next most pesky driving issue is badly placed cup holders. You may have already noticed that standard cup holders are placed in the most inconvenient location as they often get in the way when changing gears. The best solution is to purchase self mounting cup holders and mount them on your door as this is the best place to store your drinks while you are driving. You won’t have to mess your coffee while changing gears again.

Extra Storage Space

The best storage systems to have in your car are behind the drivers’ and passengers’ seats and on the doors. You will be able to find several options on the market, although, it would be worth the extra spend to opt for quality fabrics such as leather. Opting for storage pockets that boast enough extra space without going overboard will greatly change your driving quality, especially when travelling on long trips with friends or family. For your daily commute, you will be able to store your essentials in one of your door pockets. It is best to opt or door and seat pockets that simply hook and clip with adhesive fasters as you would like them to stay in place but you don’t want them to become permanent fixtures as you may need to replace them at some point.

Adjustable Shade

Keeping a tinted plastic sheet or two in your car will solve the nagging issue of blinding sunlight when travelling during sunrise and sunset. You will be able to place the sheet on your windshield or door window with the help of surface static. Therefore, you will be able to move the sheet around without much hassle. This is the perfect solution if you aren’t keen on tinting your windows.

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