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Media post: How to Be A Super Efficient Driver

It’s not that some drivers don’t understand automotive things, it that people are so busy that they simply do not have time to fuss over their car or change their driving technique. We believe there are a few things for you to be aware of. You can save a great deal of money by knowing those things. We have put together this article to explain some of those habits! We hope you enjoy it!

Inflate your tires

According to this Norco, CA Jeep Dealer, AAA says over half of the cars on the road roll with under-inflated tires. Under-inflated tires cost you money in tire wear, and gas mileage. This one is a no-brainer too, you lose about 5% gas mileage when tires are low on air. This is an easy situation to rectify, just pump them up!

Not Cleaning Out Your Car Regularly

Did you know that hauling extra stuff around can also worsen your gas mileage? That’s right. Take the big TV out of the back seat, and store it in your garage or in a spare room; it really doesn’t need to be there!

Fast driving

Driving quick is a big waste of gas.  People can easily gain a whopping 8-10% by slowing down just ten miles per hour when they are on longer trips. That is right, 8-10% and it is simple why this is. It takes tons of energy to move objects through air. See how that’s true by putting your hand out the window when you are driving around. You can feel the force pushing it back. Now multiply the hand’s surface area by about one hundred times and you’ll understand how much force the front of your car has to overcome.  Save money and drive slow!

Don’t Idle

This one is probably a given, but it is amazing how much people idle. If you are parked and waiting for someone, turn off the engine. Restarting the vehicle only takes about ten seconds worth of fuel. You might wonder if you should idle in cold weather to “get it warmed up” but the truth is that it is not necessary.

Instead, car makers say that you should just drive a vehicle slowly for 30 seconds after starting it up during any cold weather. This will warm up your vehicle quicker than simply letting it sit there. And if you live on a busy street or road where this is difficult, then we recommend doing it anyway—other drivers can deal with this.

Get your fluids changed

Many drivers ignore their vehicle’s fluids until they run low and a warning light illuminates. Not a smart thing to do. Fluids become contaminated over time and will wear out! It is in your best interest to keep fresh fluids flowing throughout your car’s engine. Your car’s manual will give you a schedule to follow. It is best that you pay attention to the schedule, particularly with your transmission fluid.

Don’t feel bad; everybody has bad automotive habits. However, it’s been costing you money!

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