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Media post: 6 Ways to Increase Your Car’s Value Before You Sell It

Are you looking to sell your vehicle? Finding it stressful and often baffling? You’re not alone.

After all, how much you’ll have put aside for your new car may hinge upon the outcome of this transaction.

Luckily, you can influence the selling price before you ever speak to the dealer. While your mind may be scouting ahead to major renovations, a successful sale comes down to a collection of little tweaks and touch-ups that make a lot of difference when put together.

Keep reading to learn how to walk away from this deal a few bucks richer!

1. Get it Detailed

Never offer your vehicle for sale before doing the following.

– Give it an extensive cleaning, both external and internal.

– Touch up or replace seat covers and rugs if they look old.

– Perform any external fixes, such as a windshield repair.

These services should all be handled by professionals – you want your old vehicle looking its best.

In short, you want to make it look like it has never been used before – or come as close as possible. Have any appointments done within at least a few days before meeting with a dealer.

2. Internal Repairs

Making it look nice is half the battle, but if it doesn’t run right, that’ll become apparent soon. Here is a list of the most important things to check before attempting to put it up for sale.

– Oil

– Alignment

– Transmission

– Air filter

– Turn signals

– Battery performance

3. Have the Proper Paperwork

When you’re trying to persuade a potential buyer, you must vouch for the item’s worth. This includes any receipts or other records of work you’ve had done. This will show the dealer that you were diligent about its needs in the years you had it, which will prove that you are presenting a product that’s been well cared for.

Have all paperwork gathered a few days before you meet with the dealer and have it stored in your car so you won’t forget.

4. Find Its Value

There are two main reasons. First, it will ensure that you are not offered less than you deserve.

Second, it’s a way to find any issues you wouldn’t have found otherwise, so you can either get them fixed or let the dealer know in advance instead of letting them find out on their own.

Also, get more than one offer before you commit.

5. Touch-Up Paint

The importance of appearance cannot be stressed enough. People judge what they see not only for looks but because it’s an indicator of overall quality.

Over the years, your paint job will wear out. You might not be able to see it, but a fresh set of eyes will see where the paint has faded or chipped. This is why you should get a professional paint job.

6. Check Your Tires

If they are new, you still need to inspect for damage and fill them up with air.

If the tires have some time on them, it is strongly recommended that you have them replaced. It might sound counterproductive at first to replace parts for something you’re about to get rid of, but then you will be presenting a product that needs no maintenance or repairs. The better product you present, the more you can make from it.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Parting ways with your vehicle doesn’t have to be a financial loss. In fact, it can be a huge gain. Following the steps we’ve laid out will be the key to stacking the odds in your favor.

Now, you’ll be able to sell your old vehicle and get shopping for your new car with the excitement and confidence you need.

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