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Guest post: 6 ways to accessorise the car of the woman you love

It is the one car I want! Beautiful young couple standing at the dealership choosing the car to buy

Whether your partner has been playing the ‘Soccer Mom” for years, or she has just recently learned how to drive, the least you can do as the man in her life is to acknowledge the hard work she has put in by accessorizing her car which makes for a perfect gift and also makes her time on the road a lot more beautiful and comfortable.

A Navigation System

While most women will argue that their sense of direction is impeccable, a reliable navigation system is always a boon to have in the car. Whether she is expected to drive long-distance for work, on a regular basis or transport your children around town all day, a good navigation system can help her beat the traffic and make it to places in time.

A portable navigation system can be rather convenient for her even when she rents out a vehicle on her travels.

MP3 player with AUX Connection

Make sure your partner stays entertained at all times by installing an AUX enabled music system in your car. Gift her a MP3 player on which she can upload all her favorite music and audio books to keep her entertained during her time on the road.

finger pointing at car GPS navigation system

Personalised Bumper Stickers

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a personalised bumper sticker. Customising a bumper sticker for her is a great way to let her feel some ownership for the family vehicle. The sticker could come with a funny one liner or a sweet quote that represents her unique personality.

Car Fragrance

Another great way to make her feel like the family car is hers to use is by installing a car fragrance with her favourite aromas.

Miscellaneous Accessories

In addition to these, you could also gift her a hamper of miscellaneous car accessories such as travel kits, Bluetooth wireless communication systems, a mixed CD with her favorite songs and car seat covers that enhance her on road comfort.

Special Lessons at the Driving School

Chances are that in spite of having driven around your neighborhood for years, your partner is still wary about venturing out on long distance drives on her own. Liberate her from this fear by gifting her driving lessons that help her build the courage of venturing into high speed roads all over the country. If your partner is a car enthusiast just like you, you may also be able to sign her up for adventure driving lessons for your next off road trip.

Finally, a highly impressive solution would be to surprise her with her very own car! Consider looking up Hertz Car Sales that offer a variety of well maintained used vehicles at highly affordable rates. By gifting her a car of her own, you can give your partner a sense of individuality and independence. Not only will you be able to make a great impression, but this can be an excellent way to show how you feel for her!

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