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USA October 2019 : Hyundai-Kia (+11%), Honda (+8.2%) shine in market down -1.6%, on track for 17m year

The Santa Fe (+41.9%) helps Hyundai-Kia up 11% in October.

The USA new light vehicle market is estimated to drop for the second straight month in October at -1.6% to 1.337.815 units, leading to a year-to-date tally down -1.3% to 14.116.709, and now looks like it could be hitting 17 million annual units for the 5th straight year, a prognosis that was in doubt earlier in the year. The seasonally adjusted, annualised rate of sales (SAAR) is down -3.6% year-on-year to 16.59 million but has topped 17 million 5 out of 10 months this year. Once again, healthy fleet demand continues to offset weaker retail deliveries, however fleet sales are down 3% year-on-year to 260.000 for October, remaining at 19% share. According to Automotive News, the final quarter has proved strong for the industry in recent years thanks to year-end deals and holiday promotions, and could provide a welcome bump in 2019 as consumer confidence remains high, incentives are rising and interest rates have been cut. Indeed according to J.D. Power incentives average $4,145 for October, up 7.1% year-on-year, while ALG estimates them at $3,767, up 4.7%. The Detroit 3 and Nissan Motor are the biggest spenders. However, new-vehicle affordability is still hampering retail sales, with new-vehicle prices in October on track to be the highest ever, exceeding $34,000 for the first time in history, up 4% year-on-year according to J.D. Power. Interestingly, whereas sales in the segment are weak, the average transaction price for cars (up 4% to $27,739) advances faster than light trucks (up 3% to $36,474). Note GM, Ford and FCA do not report monthly sales anymore, only quarterly, but we will continue to share with you our exclusive brands and models estimates. As such, all GM, Ford and FCA as well as Tesla brands and models October data in this article are estimates.

Group-wise, General Motors is hurt by a UAW strike and estimated to lose a stingy -12%, distancing Toyota Motors (-1.2%) with cars down -2.8% and light trucks down -0.3%, Ford Motor (-1.8%) and FCA (-2.8%). Hyundai-Kia (+11%), American Honda (+7.6%) thanks to a 15% light-truck surge, the BMW Group (+7.4%) and the VW Group (+5.7%) are the winners of the month, all posting very solid gains. Daimler AG (+1%) edges up while Nissan/Mitsubishi (-6%) sinks for the 4th time in the past 5 months due to a -14% drop in car sales. In the brands ranking, the podium is entirely in negative with Ford (-2.8%), Toyota (-1.6%) and Chevrolet (-13.4%) all losing ground but Kia (+10.9%), Honda (+8.2%) thanks to an 18% surge in light truck deliveries and Jeep (+3.5%) post sturdy upticks in the remainder of the Top 10. Ram (+0.8%) and Subaru (+0.2%) only edge up, the latter resuming growth after putting an end to 93 consecutive months of year-on-year gains in September. Below, Genesis (+420.2%), McLaren (+55.2%), Volvo (+20.2%), Lincoln (+19.5%), Audi (+19.4%), Lamborghini (+16%), Porsche (+13.1%) and BMW (+9.4%) impress, whereas Fiat (-37.1%), Chrysler (-31.8%), Alfa Romeo (-23.8%), Tesla (-21.5%), Cadillac (-11.3%) and Jaguar (-11.3%) crash.

The new Telluride helps US Kia deliveries up 10.9% this month. 

The Ford F-Series (-1.5%), Ram Pickup (+0.8%) and Chevrolet Silverado (-3.5%) remain in control of the US models ranking while the Toyota RAV4 (+10.3%) and Honda CR-V (+19.8%) both post fantastic scores to top the crossover charts once again. In fact, the entire Top 11 models are identical to the YTD order, with the Nissan Rogue (-2.4%) and Chevrolet Equinox (-15.3%) the next best-selling crossovers and the Toyota Camry (-1.2%), Honda Civic (+5%), Toyota Corolla (+1.6%) and Honda Accord (-8.8%) topping car sales. The Honda HR-V (+104.2%), Hyundai Santa Fe (+41.9%), Jeep Wrangler (+35%), Ford Transit (+32.2%), Kia Sorento (+30.1%), Nissan Frontier (+27.4%), Dodge Charger (+26.6%), Mazda CX-5 (+18.3%) and Ford Edge (+15.7%) are the best performers in the Top 50. The Ford Ranger (#44) is estimated to top all recent launches above the Kia Telluride (#67), Chevrolet Blazer (#73), Jeep Gladiator (#77), Hyundai Palisade (#89) and Honda Passport (#96).

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Full October 2019 Top 15 groups, Top 40 brands and Top 295 models below.

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