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Taiwan July 2019: Toyota (+19.9%), Lexus (+60.2%) help prop market up 12.5%

Toyota Corolla sales are up 28% in Taiwan in July.

The Taiwanese new car market is up a very solid 12.5% year-on-year in July to 48.429 units, leading to a year-to-date tally down -3.7% to 255.351. Toyota (+19.9%) manages to outpace an already galloping market to reach 29.6% share vs. 24.8% so far this year, followed by Mitsubishi/CMC (+7.7%) and Honda (+1.4%) both under-performing. Lexus (+60.2%), Nissan/Infiniti (+40.9%), Ford (+36.6%) and BMW (+23.8%) post the largest gains in a very dynamic Top 10. Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla (+27%), RAV4 (+40.5%) and Honda CR-V (+23.8%) dominate, all scoring spectacular year-on-year upticks. They are followed by the new Nissan Kicks and the CMC Veryca (+29.1%). But the largest gains near the top are to be found at the tail end of the Top 10, by the Ford Focus (+224.6%) and Lexus NX (+105.5%).

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Full July 2019 Top 10 brands and Top 80 models below.

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