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Media post: Top 5 Car Upgrades any Car Owner Can Do To Improve Performance

We would all like our car to perform better. That is a known fact. But many people, possibly you included, that think you need a degree in engineering or to pay a fortune to improve the performance of your vehicle. Well, let us tell you that you are wrong. If you have a slightly above basic knowledge of mechanics, there are simple changes you can make to your car to help improve its performance.

While there are many things you could do to your car that do require you to have a high level of mechanical knowledge and skills, there are others that you can do at home. Here are 5 upgrades you can do yourself to help improve performance. Make sure to spend time and compare performance parts against each other so you know you are getting the best deals before upgrading.

  1. Higher Quality Spark plugs

Changing your old spark plugs for high performance once can improve the performance of your vehicle. They offer a better spark, meaning a better combustion which all equates to better performance from your engine and fuel efficiency.

  1. Performance Tyres

It is pointless adding a load of power to your car if you don’t have quality rubber to keep it all under control. A good set of tyres will help your car stay on the road while handling at any speed.

  1. Remapping the ECU

A remap simply adjusts the software of your ECU to get the best performance out of your engine. These are normally dialled down as standard, as a safety measure. But by plugging your car into a computer and giving some modifications of the software, you can unlock the full potential of your car.

  1. Cold air intake

Any engine prefers to be sucking in cold, fresh air rather than hot and used air. So, the addition of a cold air intake will greatly improve the performance of your engine and thus, of your car. You can also blank off the EGR valve, which brings hot air from the exhaust back into the engine. The better your engine breathes, the better it can perform.

  1. Intercooler

If you are going to add a cold air intake to your car, you might as well upgrade the car’s intercooler. The job of an intercooler is to cool down the air around the engine. Therefore, having a larger and high-performance intercooler will keep the air around the engine cooler, and thus, as mentioned above, it will improve your car’s performance.

Performance Parts

It is easy to compare performance parts on the internet and find the best for your car. No matter what you are diving, upgrading the performance of your beloved vehicles doesn’t have to be a costly or complicated process. There are more than the five upgrades listed here that you can do to improve the performance of your car. Some require more knowledge than others (l don’t recommend you install a turbocharger to your engine on your own without being qualified), but all will greatly help the performance of your car.

No matter what you drive, follow these tips to improve its performance, go out and have fun driving!

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