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South Korea January 2019: Hyundai Palisade up to #4

The Hyundai Palisade is the 4th best-selling vehicle in South Korea in January.

This article along with all South Korea monthly articles since January 2018 have been updated with the Top 85 foreign models.

The South Korean new car market is up 1.6% year-on-year in January to 135.662 units, with local manufacturers (+4.5%) for once doing a lot better than foreign carmakers (-13.7%). Market leader Hyundai (+22.5%) is very dynamic this month at over 55.000 units and 40.7% share while sister brand Kia (-2.8%) retreats to 38.000 and 28%. Ssangyong (+14.5%) posts a very solid gain seeing it bypass Renault Samsung (-19.2%) and GM Korea (-35.6%), something that new luxury brand Genesis (-17.6%) also does, ranking #5 overall while foreign best-seller Mercedes (-22.8%) is up to #4 despite a steep drop. Lexus (+24%) and Toyota (+12.8%) also shine in the Top 10 whereas BMW (-49.6%) implodes. Further down, Lamborghini (+600%), Audi (+227.1%), Jeep/Chrysler (+185.9%), Rolls Royce (+183.3%), Honda (+83.3%) and Mini (+27.1%) stun

Model-wise, below the Hyundai Grandeur (+5%), Porter (+43.3%) and Santa Fe (+136.8%), the all-new Hyundai Palisade stuns the world and surges 22 spots on its inaugural moth in December to land directly at #4, a little more than 1.000 units below its smaller sibling the Santa Fe. Such success was definitely not in the books as the Palisade could even overtake the Santa Fe in the coming months. The Kia K9 (+724.4%), Soul (+232.3%), K3 (+159.9%), Ssangyong Korando Sports (+64.4%), Genesis G90 (+47.7%), Samsung QM6 (+31.6%), Hyundai Tucson (+29.8%), Kia Carnival (+21.6%) and K5 (+16.3%) also impress further down.

The Mercedes E-Class (-19.4%) holds onto the top spot in the foreign models ranking, selling almost 3 times the amount of any other nameplate despite a hefty drop. The Lexus ES (+63.2%) remains at #2 like last month ahead of the BMW 3 Series (+11.9%), 5 Series (-69.7%) and Mercedes C-Class. The Audi A6 returns at #6 while the Mercedes CLS (+6011.1%) and Honda Accord (+24700%) post otherworldly year-on-year gains in the remainder of the Top 10. The Jeep Compass (#24) and Volvo XC40 (#28) top new launches.

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Full January 2019 Top 30 All-brands, Top 56 All local models and Top 85 foreign models.

South Korea January 2019 – brands:

6Renault Samsung5,1743.8%-19.2%35
7GM Korea5,0533.7%-35.6%54
17Land Rover5490.4%-24.4%1513
26Citroen420.0%-19.2% –26
27Bentley230.0%0.0% –27
30Fiat00.0%n/a – –
 –Total local manufacturers117,46486.6%4.5% – –
 –Total foreign manufacturers18,19813.4%-13.7% – –
 –Total market135,662100.0%1.6% – –

South Korea January 2019 – local models:

1Hyundai Grandeur10,0775.0%11
2Hyundai Porter8,95143.3%23
3Hyundai Santa Fe7,001136.8%32
4Hyundai Palisade5,903new2651
5Kia Carnival5,67821.6%44
6Hyundai Avante5,428-4.4%55
7Kia Bongo4,9532.5%158
8Hyundai Sonata4,541-17.7%77
9SsangYong Korando Sports4,30264.4%1616
10Hyundai Grand Starex4,1797.1%1811
11Kia K34,148159.9%1913
12Kia Morning4,126-8.0%129
13Hyundai Tucson3,65129.8%1115
14Kia Sorento3,617-38.8%86
15Kia K53,28716.3%1012
16SsangYong Tivoli3,071-1.5%1414
17Kia K73,000-10.4%1717
18Samsung QM62,84531.6%921
19Kia Sportage2,755-17.8%2019
20Genesis G802,479-38.7%2220
21Hyundai Kona2,310-34.1%1310
22Chevrolet Spark2,164-35.3%618
23Kia Ray1,989-24.8%2822
24Genesis G701,408-0.7%2928
25Genesis G901,38747.7%2331
26Kia Niro1,209-20.3%2424
27Samsung SM61,162-37.4%2123
28Chevrolet Malibu1,115-24.5%2725
29Kia K91,047724.4%3230
30Kia Stonic1,025-48.4%3127
31Chevrolet Trax1,0102.3%2529
32SsangYong G4 Rexton1,000-26.0%3026
33Hyundai Accent406-22.4%3938
34Kia Mohave391-55.7%3634
35Daewoo Alpheon3336.4%4244
36Kia Stinger324-33.1%4337
37Kia Soul319232.3%5449
38Samsung SM3307-28.1%3535
39Samsung SM5280-70.0%3332
40SsangYong Korando C280-23.7%4545
41Samsung SM7259-28.8%3840
42Daewoo Labo239-12.8%4443
43Samsung QM3196-70.3%4136
44Hyundai Veloster194n/a3741
45Hyundai i30158-47.5%4647
46Chevrolet Equinox152new4053
47Hyundai Ioniq136-89.5%3433
48SsangYong Korando Turismo134-39.9%4848
49Renault Samsung Clio95new4742
50Renault Samsung Master30new5260
51Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro234.5%5362
52Hyundai Nexo21new4958
53Chevrolet Aveo10-90.3%5859
54Hyundai i407-50.0%5561
55Chevrolet Volt/Bolt6n/a5639
56Chevrolet Impala1-99.5%5055
57Renault Samsung Twizy0-100.0%5156
58Hyundai Maxcruz0-100.0%5752
59Chevrolet Cruze0-100.0%5946

South Korea January 2019 – foreign models:

1Mercedes E Class3,392-19.4%11
2Lexus ES1,19663.2%25
3BMW 3 Series92411.9%43
4BMW 5 Series813-69.7%52
5Mercedes C Class700-41.4%97
6Audi A6700n/a1118
7Toyota Camry56542.3%64
8Mercedes CLS5506011.1%726
9Ford Explorer537-13.0%1210
10Honda Accord49624700.0%1012
11Mercedes GLC44797.8%36
12Mercedes S Class433-50.4%1411
13Jeep Renegade394775.6%2035
14VW Passat GT385n/a609
15Volvo XC6033346.1%2419
16Mini Hatchback304114.1%1514
17Porsche Panamera269-20.2%2733
18Mercedes GLA235-29.6%2324
19Lexus NX202-18.2%1640
20BMW X3191-36.3%4327
21Toyota Prius18336.6%1820
22BMW 7 Series182-12.5%1925
23Land Rover Discovery Sport179-26.9%2815
24Jeep Compass152new3779
25Toyota RAV4149-17.7%2231
26Volvo S90145-12.1%4554
27Volvo XC90136-11.1%3342
28Volvo XC40134new6491
29Nissan Altima128-49.8%1313
30Mini Clubman126200.0%3428
31Nissan Rogue126n/a – –
32Mini Countryman124-51.6%4030
33Jeep Cherokee11866.2%2129
34Porsche Boxster118145.8%7470
35Peugeot 3008117-24.0%3032
36Range Rover112187.2%3258
37BMW X6103-66.2%5341
38Ford Mustang98197.0%4765
39BMW X496n/a2956
40BMW 6 Series95-55.8%3139
41Lexus RX91-44.2%3647
42Land Rover Discovery90-48.3%2621
43Honda Odyssey89-2.2%4257
44BMW X186n/a6178
45Infiniti QX607797.4%6888
46Jeep Grand Cherokee76-17.4%4946
47Toyota Avalon75294.7%3587
48Lincoln MKZ75-9.6%5859
49Cadillac CT67310.6%3960
50Jeep Wrangler72-5.3%4436
51Range Rover Evoque69-29.6%4138
52Nissan Maxima6976.9%6786
53Lincoln Continental68-2.9%6364
54Peugeot 500866-42.1%4844
55Volvo V906615.8%6574
56Honda Pilot63-32.3%5152
57BMW 1 Series60-76.3%4637
58Peugeot 50857470.0% –115
59Range Rover Velar52-59.7%3845
60BMW 4 Series47-73.1%5223
61Range Rover Sport4714.6%5753
62Infiniti Q3046-41.0%5461
63Toyota Prius C46new5650
64Volvo V4046-9.8%7369
65BMW X545-80.8%5534
66Peugeot 200843-6.5%7183
67Lincoln MKX41-38.8%6266
68Maserati Ghibli40-4.8%6680
69Jaguar E-Pace29new2576
70Maserati Levante29-31.0%7071
71Lincoln MKC28100.0%8199
72BMW M528n/a89116
73Porsche Cayman2742.1%91109
74Toyota Sienna25-83.6%7267
75Lexus LS24-41.5%5973
76Cadillac XT523-17.9%8285
77Citroen C4 Cactus23-23.3% –84
78Bentley Bentayga23228.6% –132
79Honda CR-V21-84.3%10663
80Maserati Quattroporte20-42.9%7996
81BMW M220150.0%86108
82Jaguar XF20-87.6%8748
83Lexus CT19-38.7%6972
84Mini Convertible1880.0%9289
85Porsche Cayenne18125.0% –136

Source: Bobaedream, manufacturers

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