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South Korea October 2018: EV pushes Hyundai Kona to record, market up 23.8%

The new EV variant pushes the Hyundai Kona to a new ranking record at home.

This post has been updated with the Top 85 foreign models.

After tumbling down 17.2% in September, the South Korean new car market rebounds in October at +23.8% to 160.370 registrations, with the surge very uniform between local carmakers (+23.8%) and foreigners (+23.6%). Year-to-date, the market is now up 1.6% to 1.490.221 units, this time solely pulled into positive by foreign manufacturers up 14% to 218.168 and 14.6% share while locals drop 0.2% to 1.272.053 and 85.4%. Brand leader Hyundai (+19%) trails its home market but posts a very strong 38.1% share vs. 36.4% YTD, while sister brand Kia (+23%) hits 28.7% vs. 29.6% so far this year. Ssangyong (+36%) outpaces the market to 6.3% share, distancing Renault Samsung (+24%) back above GM Korea (+8%). Mercedes soars 40% year-on-year and four spots on September to #6 and #1 foreigner, back above Genesis (+196%) while BMW (-52%) implodes to 1.3% share vs. 3% YTD. Lexus (+119%) signs the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 15, surging 11 ranks on last month to #9 while Toyota (+21%) is also back inside the Top 10. Porsche (+339%), Cadillac (+86%), Mini (+79%), Citroen (+64%), Peugeot (+45%), Jeep (+35%) and Ford (+34%) shine.

The Renault Samsung Master has landed in South Korea.

The Hyundai Santa Fe (+153%) has now been the best-seller at home for 8 straight months but remains #2 year-to-date (+108%) below the Hyundai Grandeur (-18%) due to two weak months of the previous generation at the start of the year. The Hyundai Porter (+20%) climbs up to 2nd place overall, the Kia Carnival (+62%) and Hyundai Kona (+41%) post the largest improvements in the Top 10 – with the latter breaking its ranking record at #7 (previous best #9 in September 2017) thanks to the new electric variant. Outside the Top 10, the Hyundai Veloster (+1838%), Kia K9 (+1571%), Ssangyong Korando Sports (+139%), Kia Ray (+85%), Chevrolet Trax (+62%), Hyundai Grand Starex (+60%), Kia K3 (+59%), Kia K5 (+54%) and Samsung QM6 (+52%) are among the best performers. This month we welcome the Renault Samsung Master at #48. In the foreign models aisle, the Mercedes E-Class reclaims the top spot, distancing the Lexus ES up 77 ranks on September, the VW Passat GT, BMW 5 Series and Toyota Camry.

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Full October 2018 Top 30 All-brands, Top 62 All local models and Top 85 foreign models below.

South Korea October 2018 – brands:

4Renault Samsung8,8145.5%24%571,1574.8%-14%55
5GM Korea8,2735.2%8%474,5955.0%-32%43
11Volkswagen1,3020.8%n/a812,2940.8%n/a10 –
18Land Rover6360.4%-32%1210,3560.7%26%1211
25Maserati1210.1%n/a231,4060.1%n/a25 –
30Fiat00.0%n/a –00.0%-100%3024
 –Total local manufacturers139,55787.0%23.8% –1,272,05385.4%-0.2% – –
 –Total foreign manufacturers20,81313.0%23.6% –218,16814.6%14.0% – –
 –Total market160,370100.0%23.8% –1,490,221100.0%1.6% – –

South Korea October 2018 – models:

1Hyundai Santa Fe9,781153%189,558108%210
2Hyundai Porter9,26120%379,809-6%32
3Hyundai Grandeur9,0375%292,491-18%11
4Hyundai Avante7,22817%564,177-8%53
5Kia Carnival6,82962%464,34312%47
6Hyundai Sonata6,326-14%755,321-20%74
7Hyundai Kona5,37541%1140,318143%1123
8Kia Bongo5,35427%849,613-5%88
9Kia Sorento5,346-14%955,942-12%65
10Kia Morning5,2895%1049,071-16%96
11Hyundai Grand Starex4,98160%641,1857%1014
12Hyundai Tucson4,86541%1233,565-11%1613
13Kia K54,25054%1338,73425%1218
14Kia K34,11459%2137,42663%1320
15SsangYong Korando Sports4,099139%1833,65882%1524
16SsangYong Tivoli3,9105%1535,076-24%149
17Kia K73,78418%1732,065-18%1712
18Chevrolet Spark3,73116%1430,651-21%2011
19Samsung QM63,45552%2024,43112%2121
20Genesis G803,41135%1931,725-4%1816
21Kia Sportage3,2482%1631,050-8%1915
22Kia Ray2,31385%2523,02549%2225
23Samsung SM62,1553%2419,882-42%2317
24Kia Niro2,09944%2318,5115%2422
25Chevrolet Malibu1,93910%2213,582-52%2719
26SsangYong G4 Rexton1,57323%2613,98813%2527
27Chevrolet Trax1,55862%279,414-31%3026
28Genesis G701,40647%2911,266738%2843
29Kia K91,2201571%309,688672%2952
30Kia Stonic1,042-4%2813,769129%2633
31Renault Samsung Clio681new403,502new42 –
32Samsung SM3631-6%315,229-14%3538
33Samsung SM5605-38%327,99561%3137
34Samsung QM3590-17%345,214-47%3631
35Hyundai Ioniq541-45%377,895-20%3229
36Hyundai Accent509-6%364,743-19%3936
37Kia Mohave467-50%476,503-50%3428
38Kia Stinger438-41%384,9530%3740
39Samsung SM741410%353,888-23%4041
40Hyundai Veloster4071838%333,3882410%4360
41Daewoo Alpheon34734%433,149-10%4545
42Daewoo Labo33414%413,225-11%4444
43Genesis EQ900309-60%396,688-37%3330
44Hyundai i30279-10%442,629-33%4742
45SsangYong Korando C267-33%422,927-56%4635
46SsangYong Korando Turismo233-17%462,505-19%4846
47Chevrolet Eqiunox189new451,047new56 –
48Renault Samsung Master174new –174new59 –
49Hyundai Nexo127new55427new57 –
50Samsung Twizy109n/a521,283397%5359
51Chevrolet Impala91-45%531,222-60%5447
52Chevrolet Volt/Bolt422%504,853839%3854
53Kia Soul38-82%492,35310%4948
54Hyundai Maxcruz25-95%541,731-73%5139
55Chevrolet Aveo23-60%57335-70%5853
56Hyundai i4020-55%58166-40%6058
57Chevrolet Cruze11-96%513,605-59%4132
58Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro8-72%56156-66%6156
59Kia Carens1-99%481,712-26%5249
60Kia Pride0-100% –2,171-67%5034
61Chevrolet Captiva0-100%591,174-32%5550
62Hyundai Aslan0-100% –20-95%6257

South Korea October 2018 – foreign models:

1Mercedes E Class4,419429,01511
2Lexus ES1,635796,51575
3VW Passat GT1,30225,92910 –
4BMW 5 Series938321,77322
5Toyota Camry749127,56749
6Honda Accord70452,967176
7Mini Hatchback65473,6961310
8Ford Explorer56765,877117
9Mercedes GLE46582,5171815
10Mercedes GLC454535,5331213
11Volvo XC60401152,1502235
12Nissan Altima364113,6801411
13Porsche Macan347651,0085194
14BMW 3 Series342238,00633
15Mercedes GLA327291,8242922
16Mini Countryman266341,9292630
17BMW X1263374318147
18Mercedes CLA252242,4041921
19Audi A4248301,19842129
20Mini Clubman237261,9542526
21Toyota Prius224212,1012420
22Peugeot 5008222221,27741109
23Land Rover Discovery Sport221103,5991512
24Toyota RAV4207201,6343225
25Mercedes S Class197186,07598
26BMW X5184501,6903117
27Jeep Cherokee178171,7193031
28Jeep Wrangler17691,4803641
29Porsche Panamera153711,5033592
30Land Rover Discovery149142,3242033
31Jeep Renegade149161,4303928
32BMW 7 Series138401,8622716
33Cadillac CT6132427126361
34Honda Odyssey130328265891
35Lexus NX120431,1794527
36Toyota Prius C119191,00950 –
37Lexus RX110549105346
38Mercedes GLS109444508060
39Lincoln MKX107397006569
40Jeep Grand Cherokee104361,0554842
41Audi A310013,04816 –
42Lincoln MKZ95358605459
43Citroen C4 Cactus94495117666
44Porsche Boxster83836396867
45Jeep Compass834136088103
46Jaguar E-Pace806340384 –
47Range Rover Velar79381,1844476
48Volvo XC40795830792 –
49BMW 4 Series74312,2032119
50Ford Mustang72816926664
51Range Rover71467676153
52BMW X668481,4663824
53Lincoln Continental65617376265
54Range Rover Evoque62281,5313432
55Volvo XC9062271,2844052
56Infiniti Q3059607986054
57Mercedes C Class58706,79354
58Lexus LS566756474111
59Range Rover Sport54479515237
60Lexus CT53555657374
61Peugeot 300851251,8352845
62Jaguar XE51335697250
63Volvo V90515653975105
64Volvo S9050528585544
65Mercedes CLS50 –6312423
66Cadillac XT547754557986
67Infiniti Q5047763039362
68Peugeot 200846685067748
69Maserati Levante456259569n/a
70Porsche 911441113139178
71Maserati Quattroporte387729495n/a
72Honda Pilot37451,0194943
73Volvo V40371045867071
74Maserati Ghibli365749078n/a
75Cadillac CTS368816710887
76Ford Kuga34963628782
77Toyota Sienna33667046456
78Lincoln MKC33692279798
79BMW 6 Series31641,4683770
80Cadillac ATS318615411293
81Mercedes A Class29731,1794638
82Ford Taurus2910617410488
83BMW X327512,1072336
84Nissan Maxima26924238263
85Mini Convertible26724078384

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