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Belgium September 2018: BMW above 10% share, sales down 33.6%

BMW is the best-selling brand in Belgium in September.

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New car sales in Belgium logically fall 33.6% to 27.145 units after being artificially inflated by pre-WLTP registrations last month, leading to a year-to-date tally up 4.7% to 455.722. The carmakers that did not need to rush selling non-compliant models in August end up winners in September but the market leader is still a surprise: BMW (-17%), reiterating an exploit it managed in January 2016 and January 2017. But if 20 months ago it towered at 8.8% share (a mark it beat in August 2017 at 8.9%), this time BMW lifts up to 10.1% share, crossing the symbolic 10% milestone for the first time in Belgian history according to BSCB records. Peugeot (-10%) leaps up six spots on August to #3, as does PSA stablemate Opel (-22%) shine Renault (-21%) dives from #1 to #4 but contains its decline given how much artificial sales it pushed in last month. Volkswagen (-54%), Citroen (-48%), Hyundai (-44%) and Mercedes (-43%) are hit full frontal but Volvo (+31%) manages the only year-on-year gain – let alone double-digit one – in the Top 20. It is joined by Tesla (+9%) and DS (+2%) further down. The models ranking is completely reshuffled this month with the Skoda Octavia (-8%), Opel Corsa (-34%) and BMW 1 Series (-21%) on the podium followed by the Renault Clio (-19%) and Opel Astra (-19%) while the Mercedes A-Class makes a rare appearance in the Top 10 at #6.

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