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New York (USA) Full Year 2017: Nissan Rogue repeats, Jeep Grand Cherokee #5

The Nissan Rogue is the best-selling nameplate in New York for the 2nd year running.

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Thanks to our partnership with JATO Dynamics, after exploring Full Year 2017 State by State sales in the U.S., we now zoom in on the largest American States to look into the detail of their best-sellers. The first cab of the rank is the New York State for the first update of this kind on BSCB. It ranks as the 5th largest State in the U.S. based on the sales volume of its Top 10 (268.463). Compared to five years ago in 2012 in an update dedicated to New York City only, the supremacy of Honda has clearly eroded. While it then monopolised the podium, the New York pole position has been held for the past two years by the Nissan Rogue, majestically widening the gap with the #2 from just under 2.500 sales in 2016 to almost 8.000 this year.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is up 25% to #5 in New York vs. #15 nationally. 

The Honda CR-V is stable and remains in 2nd place, followed like in 2016 by the Toyota RAV4 (+16%) and Honda Accord (+6%). The Jeep Grand Cherokee posts a very impressive 25% gain and leaps up two spots to brilliantly break into the annual Top 5 whereas it ranks #15 nationally, dislodging the Honda Civic (+7%). There are two newcomers in the New York Top 10 in 2017: the Ram 1500 lands directly at #7, becoming the best-selling pickup truck in the State and toppling the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 at #9. The Chevrolet Equinox also makes its inaugural run in the State’s Top 10 at #8. Note New York is one of only 6 States to not have the national best-seller, the Ford F-150, inside its Top 10 in 2017.

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Full Year 2017 Top 10 models ranking vs. Full Year 2016 figures below.

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