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Uruguay January 2018: Fiat (+115%) and Renault (+93%) shine

Fiat sales are up 115% year-on-year in January in Uruguay. 

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New car sales in Uruguay start the year up 5.4% in January to 4.086 units. Volkswagen is up 14% to maintain the lead it snapped in 2017 at 14.9% but it’s Fiat (+115%) and Renault (+93%) that impress the most just below on the podium. Chevrolet, #1 a year ago, is down 18% to #4 while Nissan gains 34% to round up the Top 5. Leading all Chinese manufacturers by far, Lifan is up 59% to #8 overall vs. #13 over the Full Year 2017, followed by BYD at #15 (+4%), Dongfeng at #16 (+14%), FAW at #17 (-23%) and Great Wall at #18 (-15%). All-in-all, the Chinese hold 9.6% of the Uruguayan market in January, down 11% year-on-year and to be compared with 11.3% over the FY2017. Below, Audi (+129%), Chana (+114%), Subaru (+78%) and Honda (+38%) sign some of the most impressive year-on-year gains.

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