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Media post: How to stop tyre tread wearing too quickly

It’s vital that you look after the tyres on your car. Not doing so could result in you losing control of the vehicle and having an accident. It’s also against the law to have tyres on your vehicle which have a tread depth of less than 1.5mm. This is why it’s important that you measure the tread on a regular basis, and replace the tyres if necessary.

When it comes to replacing the tyres on your car, there are ways that you can make sure that you get the best possible deal. Take time to do your research, and check out advice from experts such as Tyre Compare. However, even if you can get a good price for car tyres, you still want to make sure that the tyres you have on your vehicle last for as long as possible. The good news is that there are simple ways in which you can reduce the speed with which tyres wear out.

Drive consistently and sensibly

Consistent and sensible driving is one of the best ways to make sure that the tyres on your car last for as long as possible. For instance, constantly accelerating and braking helps to wear tyre treads down, leaving a bare patch, if the issue is not attended to. And, you should never be tempted to zoom around corners. Aside from the safety aspect, doing so means that the weight is transferred across the car’s tyres unevenly as the vehicle corners hard. This leads to tyres wearing out quicker than is necessary.

Think about road conditions

You may not always be able to avoid poor surfaces on the road, but if you can you should. Uneven and rough surfaces can cause havoc for average tyres that are meant to be used on smooth road surfaces. It’s also worth noting that extremely hot or cold road surfaces can cause damage to tyres.

Make sure that your car is properly maintained

From a safety aspect, it’s important that your vehicle is well maintained. A regular maintenance schedule also helps to protect the condition of the vehicle’s tyres. This is because certain issues with the vehicle can cause tyres to wear out quicker than they should do. For instance, if the wheels on your car are not properly balanced, you may notice that there is uneven wear on the tyres. You will normally notice that when you have a tyre on your car replaced the mechanic will then make sure that the wheels are balanced.

It’s all very well making sure that you have the latest stereo system for your car, or upgrading to a better interior, but you should never forget about the tyres. Worn tyres can help to cause fatal accidents, so they should never be ignored. The tips that we have given you should help you to protect the tyres on your car. But, you still need to check them on a regular basis, and have them replaced if necessary.

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  1. Maintaining proper inflation is important too.
    And, further to the point of avoiding high speed on corners, choosing the route that has less turns, will also add to the life of a tire.
    Finally, never begin driving on new tires without ensuring that all four wheels are in proper alignment.

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