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Guest post: Protecting Your Bed: 5 Reasons a Roll-On Bedliner Could Improve the Value of Your Truck

Almost two out of every ten vehicles sold are trucks. Many owners intend to keep their trucks in service for as long as possible, hopefully reselling for a good price before upgrading. That’s why we choose to install bed liners after purchase; it’s one way to preserve, and even improve, the value of your truck. But there are various kinds of bed liners available on the market. Here are five benefits you’ll get out of installing a roll on bedliner in your truck.

  1. It prevents rusting – and much more. Scratches, dings, and patches of rust can degrade the value of your vehicle. Not only does a roll on bedliner protect you from friction blemishes, but from the elements.

Your truck won’t become damaged due to rain, sun, vibration, or even salt water when you apply a bed liner designed to prolong the beauty of your bed. 

  1. It’s a seamless fit. Your dealer may have offered you many accessories for your new truck. Among these, plastic drop in bed liners are a popular option, mostly due to how cheap they are.

However, there are few guarantees with a drop in liner. Despite the fact that there will be a fit for your model, it’s never perfect. Water and dust can still seep in, so rust and grime aren’t prevented. Furthermore, such a liner will move as you drive and haul, creating the potential for scratches in your finish. Check out more bed and tailgate accessories here.

  1. The choice is yours. Roll on bedliners are about as custom as it gets, and hug every contour of your truck bed. But that’s not all – you get to decide what exact areas your new liner will protect. Do you want your new bedliner to protect your tailgate? The upper edges of your bed?

You won’t have a choice if you choose a pre-fab drop in. There could be corners and spaces where the liner doesn’t protect your bed. With a roll on, you get maximum coverage in a configuration of your choosing.

  1. It requires little maintenance. A roll on bedliner isn’t just some aftermarket accessory; it’s part of your truck. A good liner won’t require upkeep or repair; once you perform due diligence with proper application, you’re good to go.

Your truck is already an investment. Take the steps to protect it once, and you won’t spend extra in the long run.

  1. It’s safer to haul cargo with a liner. One understated aspect of roll on bedliners is the grip it can provide. Even plastic drop ins don’t keep your load from sliding around in the back of your truck.

With a roll on bedliner, sharp turns and sudden stops are less likely to result in a bed-damaging shift of goods. You remember the pride you felt when you drove your new truck home for the first time. Keep that feeling, and pass it on to the next owner, when you protect your truck with a roll on bedliner. It prevents damage, covers every nook and cranny, and doesn’t ask for any more of your attention after you choose and apply the best-quality product.

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  1. I always tell people that plastic drop in liners are a waste of money. As you mentioned, they aren’t a perfect fit and constantly move around. Roll on bed liners are the way to go!

  2. This advice is so useful. My husband is always hauling stuff around for work and scratching the truck. Definitely will be purchasing one of these for him.

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