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Philippines Full Year 2017: First win for Toyota Fortuner – 8th record year

The Fortuner posts its first annual win in the Philippines, ending 9 years of Vios domination. 

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There’s nothing stopping the Filipino new vehicle market, lodging an astonishing 8th consecutive record year in 2017 thanks to deliveries galloping ahead another 17.3% to 473.943 units. That’s a staggering 181% increase from the 168.490 record established back in 2010 at the start of this record-breaking streak. Part of the reason behind this significant gain in 2017 is purchases brought forward in anticipation of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) at the start of 2018 which results in higher prices for most vehicles on sales in the country. Commercial Vehicles – in this market composed of SUVs, pickup trucks and vans – account for 64.6% of sales at 306.116 units while Passenger Cars hold 35.4% of the market at 167.827 units.

The Toyota Innova is up 35% to third place overall. 

Toyota remains ultra-dominant even if it trails the market slightly at +16% to 38.5% share and Mitsubishi remains a strong #2 (the carmaker’s highest ranking in the world) with an improved 15% share thanks to deliveries up 19%. Hyundai (+12%) and Ford (+9%) hold onto their ranking just as Honda surges 37% to break into the Top 5, knocking Isuzu (+10%) down to #6. Nissan (+48%), Suzuki (+34%) and Mazda (+28%) are the other two impressive gainers in the Top 10 whereas among smaller brands while below Ssangyong (+146%), Lexus (+87%), Mercedes (+68%), Mini (+47%), Hino (+40%), Fuso (+35%), BMW (+33%) and Volkswagen (+29%) are among the most dynamic.

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport is up 85% to #6. 

We witness a momentous event in the Filipino models ranking for 2017: for the first time in history, the Toyota Fortuner is the best-selling vehicle in the country thanks to sales up a whopping 39% to 8.4% share. The Fortuner ends a 9 year-reign by the Toyota Vios, itself edging up just 1% to 7.8% share vs. 9% a year ago. The Toyota Innova soars 35% and three spots to land on the third step of the podium, toppling the Toyota Hiace (+6%) and making the Top Four 100% Toyota. The Mitsubishi Mirage/G4 is down 2% to #5, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport lifts up 85% and 7 ranks to end the current generation’s first full year in market at #6 The Hyundai Accent (+33%) also breaks into the Top 10 which includes three more Toyotas: the Wigo (+5%), Avanza (+15%) and Hilux (+18%).

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