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Full Year 2017/H1 2018: New data for Italy, Belgium and Philippines

We learn that the Kia Stonic ranks inside the Italian Top 70 over H1 2018.

Today we are doing a bit of Summer cleaning here at BSCB, adding more complete Full Year 2017 models data for three significant worldwide markets: Italy, Belgium and the Philippines.

In Italy, there is now a Top 215 models ranking (instead of Top 50) for the Full Year 2017 and a Top 180 models ranking for H1 2018, also instead of Top 50, both with comparative data for FY2016 and H1 2017, as well as exclusive Light Commercial Vehicle sales data: a Top 35 LCV brands ranking and Top 10 LCV models for the Full Year 2017. Plus, we have also added a Top 40 LCV brands and complete Top 140 LCV models rankings for the Full Year 2016.

Belgium, a notoriously selfish market that only shares a monthly Top 10 models, now has a Full Year 2017 Top 320 All-models ranking also featuring Full Year 2016 data.

For the Philippines, we now have an exclusive Full Year 2017 Top 220 All-models ranking including all premium brands such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche – that’s extremely rare data.

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