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Colombia Full Year 2017: Renault Sandero repeats win, market down 6.1%

The Renault Sandero is #1 in Colombia for the third time ever after 2012 and 2016. 

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It’s another difficult year for new car sales in Colombia: down for the third time in a row at -6.1% to 238.238 registrations, the lowest annual score this decade. Brand leader Chevrolet continues to fall much faster than the market, dropping a steep 15% this year to 21.5% share vs. 23.7% in 2016. Renault once again resists much better at -8% but also loses share at 19.7% vs. 20.1%. Perhaps a sign of things to come, Renault was the #1 brand in Colombia in June and December. Nissan stuns with a 15% year-on-year gain, up one spot to land on the podium, knocking Kia (-25%) down to #4. Below, Mazda (+3%) and Ford (-5%) hold onto their ranking, while Toyota (+12%) overtakes Volkswagen (+8%) fo 7th place. Hyundai surges 44% and steps up on spot to #9, with Peugeot (+176%), Citroen (+142%), Subaru (+13%) and BMW (+12%) the most impressive in the remainder of the Top 30. Chinese imports are down 16.2% to 10.774 or 4.5% share vs. 5.1% a year ago, led by JAC up 20% to #12, Foton (#14), Dongfeng (#21), Chery (#22), Changan (#27) and Great Wall (#29).

The JAC S2 is the best-selling Chinese-branded vehicle in Colombia in 2017. 

For the second consecutive year and the third time ever (add 2012), the Renault Sandero is the best-selling vehicle in Colombia, improving 6% to hit 8.5% share. Note the Sandero is the only Renault to have managed an annual pole position in Colombia in the past 30 years. In contrast, the next 9 best-sellers (!) all lose volume year-on-year, led by the Chevrolet Spark (-4%), Sail (-12%), Renault Logan (-8%) and Kia Picanto (-13%). The Renault Duster/Oroch (-35%), Chevrolet Tracker (-27%) and Mazda3 (-20%) are the most harshly hit. Just outside the Top 10, the Mazda CX-5 surges 34% and five spots to #11 while the Nissan Frontier cements its title of best-selling pickup in Colombia at #14 and the Nissan Kicks is the most popular all-new launch for 2017, landing directly at #15. The all-new JAC S2 leads all Chinese-branded nameplates at #48 but the Chevrolet N300 (aka Wuling Rongguang) is actually the best-selling Chinese import at #41. The Renault Captur (#21), Hyundai Creta (#53) and Renault Alaskan (#69) also make their first appearance in the Colombian charts.

The Renault Alaskan is inside the Colombian Top 70 for 2017. 

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