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Europe June 2017: First Top 5 ranking for the Renault Captur

The Renault Captur breaks into the European Top 5 for the first time despite sales down 6.1%.

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New car sales in Europe 27 countries are up a timid 1.8% year-on-year in June to 1.519.332 registrations, the highest volume for the month in a decade and only 22.000 units short off the June record established in 2007. 21 of the 27 countries included in this dataset show a positive year-on-year result for June, with Romania (+_47%), Lithuania (+40.7%), Estonia (+34.9%), Slovenia (+16.4%), Slovakia (+14.9%) and Greece (+14.6%) the most dynamic. At the other end of the scale, Belgium (-0.3%), Germany (-3.5%), the UK (-4.8%), Ireland (-14%), Luxembourg (-15%) and Latvia (-17.9%) post declines. Among the Top 5 markets, Italy (+12.5%), Spain (+6.5%) and France (+1.1%) are gaining ground vs. June 2016.

Mini posts the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 20 at +18.1% 

The Top 4 brands in the region all drop year-on-year: Volkswagen is down 0.6%, Renault down 0.4%, Ford down 2.9% and Opel/Vauxhall down 9.2%. Below, Peugeot (+7.7%), Mercedes (+6.1%), Fiat (+8.1%) and Skoda (+4%), compensate somehow but BMW (-5%) and Audi (-2%) also decline. Just outside the Top 10, Toyota post the largest gain in the Top 15 at +13.7%, with Dacia (+10.9%), Seat (+17.8%), Mini (+18.1%) and Suzuki (+16.4%) also sporting double-digit gains within the Top 20. Further down, Alfa Romeo (+34.5%), Porsche (+24.8%), Tesla (+70.1%), Abarth (+77.5%), Cadillac (+108.5%) and McLaren (+107.7%) are among the most dynamic whereas Smart (-14%), Lancia (-19.8%). Group-wise, the Volkswagen Group (+2.5%) dominates above PSA-Opel (-0.1%), Renault-Nissan/Mitsubishi (+2.9%), FCA (+7.8%) and BMW Group (-2.9%). Daimler AG (+4.6%) and Toyota Motor (+12.3%) also impress.

The Peugeot 3008 breaks into the European Top 20 for the first time. 

The VW Golf holds onto the European models pole position but drops 3.4% while the Renault Clio (+0.2%) and VW Polo (+5.3%) both manage a positive result on the podium. The Opel Astra shoots back up 8 spots on May to land at a beautiful 4th place despite sales down 9% year-on-year, but the big surprise this month is the 5th place of the Renault Captur, up from #21 in May in spite of deliveries declining 6.1% on June 2016. This is the first time the Renault Captur ever breaks into the European Top 5, taking advantage of the freefalling of the Ford Fiesta (-23.5%) down to #9 and the Opel Corsa (-22.4%) down to #11. The Ford Focus on the other hand is back up 12 spot on last month to #12, and the Dacia Sandero, which broke into the European Top 10 for the very first time last month – is down to #12 but up 19.6% to end June just 625 sales off a second consecutive Top 10…

Nissan Micra European sales are up 114.3% thanks to the new model. 

The Citroen C3 is up 59.1% to #13 thanks to the new model, the VW Tiguan is u another 45.6% but slips outside the Top 10, going from #8 in May to #14 this month, the Peugeot 3008 soars 168.8% to break into the European Top 20 for the first time, and possibly the first time for the 3008 nameplate as a whole. Other great performers include the Fiat Tipo up 215.7% to #26, the Renault Scenic up 34.7% to #27, Ford Kuga up 26.7% to #28, BMW 5 Series up 49.7% to #41, Nissan Micra up 114.3% to #45 and the Mercedes GLC up 50.2% to #49. The Toyota C-HR (#50) leads recent launches ahead of the Audi Q2 (#61), Skoda Kodiaq (#87), Ford Ka+ (#105) and the Opel Crossland X up 88 spots on May to #113.

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