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Media post: The Dodge Ram Truck History

Ram 2500

Don’t you love that Ram logo on Dodge Ram trucks? It really stands fro toughness and it’s a perfect choice for the sturdy and dependable Ram truck. It’s so tough and such a pleasure to drive that it won the coveted Motor Trend Magazine’s Truck of the Year Award five times! That Ram Tough truck has always been on the top of truck buyers’ lists throughout the years.

The Ram pickup has been on people’s minds since 1981. Of course, back then, it was known as the Dodge Ram Pickup. When that first generation of Ram trucks came out the Ram logo and the ram hood ornament was introduced also. Boy, was that popular! Yes, I mean the truck and the hood ornament, both very cool items. Anyway, Dodge had manufactured trucks before the Ram pickup was born so they used the same signifiers such as “D” “B” or “Ram” for the two-wheel drive versions and the “W” or “Power Ram” for the four-wheel drive models.

To make it easier for truck enthusiasts to instantly know what they were looking at, Dodge used the same numbering system that Ford used. That is, 150 was for the half-ton model, 250 meant it was a three-quarter ton version and 350 was simply a one-ton truck. that made it simple and quick and apparently truck owners loved that kind of talk.

The first gen Ram truck was a big success and it was redesigned in 1994 to give it more of a big-rig look and feel. The designers and engineers were right on the money with that look and feel because the second generation Ram truck kicked some…dirt up in the air and tripled the sales of the first generation truck from the previous year. Everyone should be so lucky! Guess what…Sales doubled again in the next two years.

The third generation of 2002 increased sales and popularity again and the fourth gen trucks, which came out in 2009 blew everyone away with all the innovations and practical renovations it had. Mussleman’s Dodge has plenty of 2017 Dodge Ram trucks and they are just waiting to go for a test drive. Come down and see what new innovations this year’s Ram has to offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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