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Media post: American Automotive Service Solutions Provides a Unique Extended Service Contract For Your Vehicles Needs

American Automotive Service Solutions (AASS) is an auto warranty company, but it’s not your regular kind. Unlike most other auto warranty firms, AASS’ goal is to provide long-term satisfaction to its customers, along with great service. The company has different vehicle service contracts on offer, so that all buyers would find a plan that fits into their scheme of things. Not to mention, there’s money back guarantee as well. By the way, how many other auto warranty firms are willing to offer such guarantees?

AASS has seldom been out of news. The company constantly works hard to offer something unique and new to its buyers, which means the company frequently receives press attention. For example, at the end of 2016, the company came up with a unique service concerning extended vehicle warranties. This service apparently replaces unsolicited phone calls and mails with great customer service and a few other options that help with savings on car repairs.

As aforementioned, AASS takes a unique approach to things. One of the ways it differentiates itself from the competition is by earning certifications from prestigious organizations. The majority of extended warranty firms on the market cannot claim to have such certificates. For instance, the company is a Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) member. This means it can access critical information and resources relating to the extended warranty business that non-member firms cannot claim access to. As a result, customers can rest assured their service agreements would have the backings of industry leaders. VPA is a non-profit firm that is committed to offering first-rate auto service contracts to buyers. The organization is essentially a watchdog entity that oversees industry practices and promotes fair business policies and systems.

Generally, most other American Automotive Services Solutions reviews only talk about certificates and do not throw much light on why the company is so unique. However, we would like to state that AASS is not just about its certifications and prestigious memberships. The company has also allied with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as AAS (American Auto Shield) and MBPI (Marathon and Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc.), to name a few. These companies have a solid reputation in the industry with a BBB (Business Better Bureau) rating of A or better.

Getting top BBB ratings is not a minor accomplishment. BBB does a lot of research about a company before it delivers its verdict on it. The rating system entails a maximum of 100 points. A company that scores 94 or more happens to get the A grade. If a company manages an A rating or greater, then that speaks volumes about the business’ quality and credibility. It means the company has few customer complaints against it, is transparent with its business practices, and addresses complaints (if any) in a timely manner.

AASS is committed to its customers and therefore associates with firms that are known for similar or greater dedication to consumers. The ultimate objective is to ensure customers get excellent and reliable service anytime and every time they associate with the company. Most companies cannot claim to have the backing that AASS has. In fact, the majority at times fall back to their own resources (for the lack of other resources) whenever a customer files in for a claim. Since most auto warranty companies aren’t self-sufficient enough, the consumers filing in are left stranded, as a result. AASS has the support of some of the biggest names in the car warranty business. This means its customers can be rest assured that their automobile would stay protected at all times.

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