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Yemen Full Year 2016: Toyota Land Cruiser #1, BMW X6 and X4 in Top 10

The Toyota Land Cruiser is the new best-seller in Yemen. 

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In the midst of civil war tearing the country apart and after plunging 65% in 2015, new car sales in Yemen are down a further 62% in 2016 to just 2.980 registrations. Toyota is the only manufacturer keeping a significant sales level, holding a mammoth 65.2% market share, but falls faster than the market at -65%. In second place, BMW goes against the grain, gaining 45% and 5 spots to hit 8.9% share vs. 2.4% and #7 a year ago. Nissan drops just 20% in third place to improve its share to 7.9%, ahead of Jeep up 4-fold to 175 sales and 5.9% share. All other manufacturers fall heavily while Volkswagen returns to the sales charts with 4 units.

The BMW X6 ranks 8th in Yemen this year, helping BMW to #2 brand overall.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is the new best-seller in Yemen thanks to deliveries down just 41% to 727 resulting in a 24.4% market share vs. 15.9% a year ago. It is followed by the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup – leader halfway through the year – down 52% to 20.6% share. Best-seller in 2015, the Toyota Hilux implodes at -85% to just 323 units but still manages a 10.8% share and 3rd place, rounding up a podium 100% Toyota. The Nissan Patrol is up one spot to #4 thanks to a limited 4% decline, while the Jeep Grand Cherokee is up 5-fold and 24 spots to 5. The Range Rover Sport is up 10 ranks to #7, the BMW X6 up 16 to #8 and the BMW X4 up 30 to #9. The Jeep Renegade is the most popular (and only) all-new nameplate for 2016, landing directly at #11.

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