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World Full Year 2015: Toyota #1 in 91 markets vs. 20 for Volkswagen

Toyota Avanza Indonesia 2015. Picture courtesy is #1 in an estimated 91 markets around the world, including Indonesia (above). 

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After the #1 models in 178 markets, for the first time on BSCB we share with you the #1 best-selling brands in 178 markets around the planet, a list topped by Toyota with an estimated 91 wins vs. “just” 20 for archenemy Volkswagen. Ford (9), Suzuki (8), Hyundai and Renault (7) follow. Note this is not a reflection of the highest worldwide sales volumes which are the subject of a separate reportonly how many countries a specific brand ranks #1 in. If no FY2015 data is available, the most recent data is used, and for about 50 countries (mostly in Africa) the #1 spot is estimated based on thorough observations of the streets of those countries via local BSCB contacts and/or recent YouTube videos.

VW Amarok Argentina November 2015Volkswagen is #1 in 20 markets, including Argentina where it assembles the Amarok (above). 

By topping this ranking, Japanese carmaker Toyota is in line with its #1 worldwide spot, however it surprises with the amount of markets it’s ranking #1 in at a staggering 91. Looking into this tally by geographic location shows a hegemony that spreads across the entire planet: 40 wins are in Africa, 16 in Asia, 11 in America, 9 in Oceania, 8 in the Middle-East and 6 in Europe. Even when removing markets where Toyota’s pole position is estimated, we arrive to 52 official wins, over 2.5 times what any other manufacturer in the world has been able to score in 2015. Archenemy Volkswagen comes second with a – ‘meagre’ in comparison – 20 markets, including 18 in Europe, the other two being China and Argentina. Its budget brand Skoda catches five wins of its own, unsurprisingly all in Eastern Europe.

Ford F-Series World 2015. Picture courtesy youtube.comFord is victorious in ten markets worldwide including the U.S. and the U.K. 

In third place, Ford boosts its total to 9 victories thanks to wins in smaller markets such as American Samoa, Haiti, New Caledonia and Tahiti, on top of some very significant ones such as the U.S. and the U.K. The 4th place of Japanese carmaker Suzuki is a very interesting one: along India and Sri Lanka where it is sold as its subsidiary brand name Maruti Suzuki, and its sphere of influence (Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan), we now find two American countries (Uruguay where it ranked #1 for the very first time in 2015, and Bolivia) as well as one African market (Angola), a testimony to the growing success of its ultra-low cost Alto and Celerio lineup.

Renault Logan Belarus June 2015. Picture courtesy ruh.byRenault wins in seven markets, and Dacia in four. 

Korean Hyundai follows with seven wins including two in America, two in the Middle East, two in Asia and one in Europe (Rep of Macedonia). Its sister brand Kia has four wins of its own, including three in the Middle-East. French manufacturer Renault also has seven wins: on top of its home country France, its dependency Martinique as well as neighbour Belgium, Renault also wins in Portugal, Belarus, Algeria and Tunisia. To its total can be added the four wins of its low-cost brand Dacia (in Bulgaria, Moldova, Morocco and at home in Romania). At a somewhat surprising 8th rank we find General Motors’ main brand Chevrolet with a total of four wins, three of them in South America on top of, interestingly, Egypt. Fiat’s market domination has narrowed to just three victories: at home in Italy, in Brazil and in Lithuania thanks to re-exports. Uz-Daewoo, Lada and Peugeot also score three wins.

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