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World Full Year 2015: Discover all the #1 models in 178 countries

Toyota Hilux World 2015. Picture courtesy autodeft.comThe Toyota Hilux is the best-seller in an estimated 42 countries this year.

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It’s that time of the year!

Today we can share with you the #1 best-selling nameplates in 178 markets around the planet, a list topped once again by the Toyota Hilux with an estimated 42 pole positions worldwide. This list is exclusive to BSCB, you won’t find it anywhere else. To refresh your memory you can see the 2014 Report hereNote this is not a reflection of the highest worldwide sales volumes which will be the object of another report very shortly, only how many countries a specific model ranked #1 in. If no FY2015 data is available, the most recent data is used, and for about 50 countries (mostly in Africa) the #1 spot is estimated based on thorough observations of the streets of those countries via local BSCB contacts and/or recent YouTube videos.

Toyota Corolla World 2015. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe Toyota Corolla tops an estimated 15 countries.

In 2015 Toyota places 10 different nameplates in pole position in at least one country in 2015 (vs. 9 in 2014: the Tacoma makes its entrance), with no less than 87 markets having a Toyota as their best-selling nameplate, nearly half of all worldwide markets. As it has been the case for a dozen years now, the Toyota Hilux is the one model ranking #1 the most often with an estimated 42 countries falling under its spell this year (2014: 45, 2013: 35, 2012: 31). A caveat to this figure is the fact that 27 out of these 42 winning markets are located in Africa where the volumes are still extremely low, and 22 are estimated wins. However even when ditching the estimates the Toyota Hilux is still the most prolific winner with 21 countries officially conquered (2014: 19, 2013: 8).

Toyota Land Cruiser PNG 2014The Toyota Land Cruiser is leader in 11 nations, including Papua-New Guinea. 

Once again the Toyota Corolla holds the second spot in this ranking with 13 wins including 8 confirmed (vs. 4 in 2013), welcoming one of its production hubs, Turkey, in its list. The Toyota Land Cruiser improves to third overall with an estimated 11 wins including 6 confirmed spanning Africa, the Middle-East, Asia and Oceania. Note this figure also includes the LC70 pickup variant, estimated to be the best-seller in very small African  markets such as Chad, Mali, Somalia and South Sudan where the military, United Nations and NGOs are virtually the only purchasers of new vehicles. The VW Golf follows but drops two countries vs. last year to 10, still all in Europe and including 9 confirmed – Albania being the wild card.

Ford Ranger World 2015The Ford Ranger upgrades to 6 wins vs. 4 a year ago. 

The Ford Ranger improves to 6 wins including 4 confirmed (vs. 4 and 2 in 2014), taking the lead for the first time in Cambodia and New Zealand. The Skoda Octavia sheds 3 countries to fall to 6 as well, all confirmed and all in Europe. We then have three nameplates each winning 5 markets worldwide. The Dacia Logan adds Ukraine to its existing list composed of Romania, Moldova, Algeria and Morocco, while the Renault Clio keeps France, Portugal and Slovenia but also benefits from overseas French territories being counted separately (#1 in French Guiana and Martinique).

Suzuki Alto 800 World 2015The Suzuki Alto spreads its hegemony into South America and Africa in 2015. 

A very interesting development is the Suzuki Alto starting to spread its hegemony outside of India and its sphere of influence (Sri Lanka, Bhutan) and into South America (Uruguay) and Africa (Angola). The Toyota Prado and Yaris follow with 4 wins each, one confirmed for the Prado and 3 for the Yaris. All other nameplates win less than four markets worldwide. Note no Chinese nameplate leads any market outside China in 2015 (there were three in 2014).

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