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World 1992-1997: Toyota Corolla reinforces world domination

1992 US spec Toyota Corolla

* See the 1997 Top 28 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

The Toyota Corolla should be the best selling car in the world over the period with at least 900,000 units produced each year. The only official data I have is for 1997 when the Corolla sold 998,867 units, ahead of the Opel Corsa at 893,771 and the Honda Civic at 730,295.

Honda Civic

The Toyota Camry, helped by its US score, is 4th with 690,199 sales, followed by the Fiat Punto at 656,283, the VW Golf at 623,519 and the Opel Astra at 599,179. Notice also the Ford Taurus at #15, the Brazilian VW Gol at #16, the Fiat Palio at #17 and the Mercedes C Class at #27.

Full Year 1997 Top 28 Ranking Table below.

World Full Year 1997:

1Toyota Corolla998,867
2Opel/Chevrolet/Vauxhall Corsa893,771
3Honda Civic730,295
4Toyota Camry690,199
5Fiat Punto656,283
6VW Golf623,519
7Opel/Chevrolet/Vauxhall Astra599,179
8Honda Accord595,438
9VW Polo585,382
10Ford Mondeo577,587
11Renault Megane554,776
12Ford Escort (Europe)549,888
13Ford Fiesta529,430
14Opel/Chevrolet/Vauxhall Vectra512,923
15Ford Taurus495,734
16VW Gol465,770
17Fiat Palio452,535
18Chevrolet Cavalier432,271
19Renault Clio409,203
20Ford Escort (USA)406,861
21Peugeot 306350,005
22VW Passat335,304
23Suzuki Kei cars314,372
24Toyota Carina/Avensis312,936
25Dodge Cirrus311,150
26Nissan Almera310,110
27Mercedes C Class305,215
28Mazda 323299,406
n/aBMW 3 Series262,796
n/aCitroen Xsara96,255

Source:, many thanks to Florian for the tip!

Note: this ranking excludes commercial vehicles (eg Ford F Series).

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