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World 1990-1991: Toyota Corolla closes in on the million

The Toyota Corolla confirms its steady increase over the last 15 years with very high production numbers in the early nineties: 980,000 units produced in 1990 and 960,000 in 1991.

The VW Golf takes the 2nd spot in 1991 at 820,000 units, 120,000 of which are the 3rd generation launched that year. The Ford Fiesta climbs onto the podium at 640,000 units, followed by the Fiat Uno and the Renault Clio.

Full 1991 Top 5 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below the Ford Fiesta picture.

VW Golf

Ford Fiesta

World Full Year 1991:

1Toyota Corolla960,000
2VW Golf820,000
3Ford Fiesta640,000
4Fiat Uno600,000
5Renault Clio543,905

Note: this ranking only includes passenger cars.


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