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Greece January-February 2016: BMW X1 in Top 10, market down 16%

BMW X1 Greece February 2016The new generation BMW X1 has convinced the Greek. 

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Very unstable start of 2016 for new car sales in Greece: down 2.5% in January to 5.700 registrations then crumbling down 32% in February to just 3.310 units, pulling the year-to-date total down 16% to 9.010 sales. Toyota (-18%) and Opel (-16%) lead the brands ranking so far and roughly follow the market whereas Peugeot frankly outpaces it at +3% in third place and Volkswagen underperforms at -27% to 7.7% share.  BMW (+53%), Fiat (+26%), Volvo (+8%), Mini (+13%) and Smart (+414%) are the only other manufacturers gaining ground in the Top 20. The Toyota Yaris remains the most popular nameplate in Greece but it falls faster than the market at -25%, followed by the Opel Corsa (-13%) and Peugeot 208 (-37%). The Fiat Panda (+27%) goes against the grain at #7 and #4 in February as does the BMW X1 up 229% to #21 and breaking into the February Top 10. The Suzuki Vitara posts a brilliant 5th place in January but falls to #54 in February.

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