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Scotland (UK) Full Year 2015: New Gen lifts Vauxhall Corsa back to #1

Vauxhall Corsa Scotland 2015. Picture courtesy Corsa. Picture

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Based on data published by SMMT, new car sales in Scotland reverse by 0.5% in 2015 to 220.554 units. While the main event in 2014 was the Ford Fiesta ending 6 consecutive years of Vauxhall Corsa domination, this year the Corsa is helped up 12% by its new generation to reclaim the top spot with 11.955 sales vs. 9.956 (-7%) for the Ford Fiesta. The Ford Focus crumbles down 21% but remains third above the VW Polo (+15%). The Vauxhall Mokka is up 24% to break into the annual Scottish Top 5, its highest ranking in all UK nations. Finally the Dacia Sandero manages to break into the Top 10, its second this year along Wales.

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