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UK nations November 2015: Hyundai Tucson #1 in Northern Ireland

Hyundai Tucson Northern Ireland November 2015The Hyundai Tucson is the best-selling vehicle in Northern Ireland this month.

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After the overall UK Top 10 models and thanks to SMMT, as is the tradition on BSCB we can now share with you the Top 10 best-sellers for each UK nation for November. As it has been the case for most of the year so far, England sales – representing 86.5% of the overall UK market – are the saving grace: up 5% year-on-year to 154.384 whereas Scotland (-0.07%), Wales (-3%) and Northern Ireland (-5%) all post negative year-on-year results. Northern Ireland even returns to negative territory year-to-date at -0.07% with one month left to the year. Like last month, the Ford Fiesta only tops two nations in November: England and Wales, with the Hyundai Tucson spectacularly shooting up to the top spot in Northern Ireland thanks to 111 sales and 3.5% share. The Vauxhall Corsa tops Scottish sales as per its year-to-date ranking there.

Dacia Sandero Scotland November 2015. Picture courtesy Dacia Sandero ranks #2 in Scotland.

If as usual the English ranking is very similar to the UK one – with the Audi A3 overtaking the Vauxhall Insignia to #8 in England – in Northern Ireland it’s a different story: below the Hyundai Tucson, surprise leader, the Ford Kuga is up 8 spots on last month to make the Top two 100% SUV, with the Kia Sportage adding to the total at #8. In Scotland the Renault Group posts a stellar performance, placing the Dacia Sandero at #2 only 36 units off the market leader, the Renault Captur at #3 and Renault Clio at #4. In Wales, the Ford Ecosport confirms it is now a Top 10 blockbuster, improving its record ranking two spots to #7. Notice also the Vauxhall Insignia ranking #3 in Northern Ireland and #7 in Scotland and the Vauxhall Mokka fittingly celebrating a record 5th overall UK ranking by appearing in each nation’s Top 6: #4 in Wales, #5 in England and #6 in both Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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Full November 2015 Top 10 models for each UK nation below.

England November 2015 – models:

1Ford Fiesta6,8454.3%11104,3055.0%2%111
2Vauxhall Corsa6,2714.0%2468,5823.3%14%223
3Ford Focus4,2952.7%3367,8143.2%2%332
4VW Golf3,8992.5%4260,6592.9%-1%444
5Vauxhall Mokka3,2802.1%5n/an/an/an/an/a10n/a
7Nissan Qashqai3,0081.9%7551,3872.5%29%556
8Audi A32,8271.8%9640,1341.9%5%887
9Vauxhall Insignia2,7241.7%8n/an/an/an/an/a16n/a
10Vauxhall Astra2,6681.7%10n/a42,4912.0%-7%775
n/aVW Polo2,5181.6%n/a842,6162.0%15%668
n/aMercedes C-Class2,0621.3%n/an/a36,5021.7%n/a911n/a

Northern Ireland November 2015 – models:

1Hyundai Tucson1113.5%n/a8n/an/anewn/a88
2Ford Kuga933.0%n/a101,1012.0%n/a717n/a
3Vauxhall Insignia912.9%84n/an/an/an/a16n/a
4VW Golf902.9%411,8033.3%-3%242
5Ford Fiesta892.8%122,3514.3%6%111
6Vauxhall Mokka792.5%561,0982.0%n/a810n/a
7Vauxhall Corsa752.4%2n/a1,4012.5%12%525
8Kia Sportage692.2%n/an/an/an/an/an/a29n/a
9Ford Focus672.1%331,6643.0%1%333
10Fiat 500612.0%n/an/an/an/an/an/a12n/a
n/aRenault Captur601.9%n/a99521.7%-10%10n/a8
n/aNissan Qashqai491.6%751,1832.1%-13%656
n/aRenault Clio160.5%n/an/a1,0401.9%7%9n/a10

Scotland November 2015 – models:

1Vauxhall Corsa6874.6%2111,5545.5%18%122
2Dacia Sandero6514.3%n/an/a3,9221.9%n/a1058n/a
3Renault Captur6104.1%n/an/an/an/an/an/a27n/a
4Renault Clio4463.0%n/an/a4,4222.1%-18%7215
5Ford Fiesta4312.9%129,4134.5%-9%211
6Vauxhall Mokka3852.6%5n/a4,9362.4%40%51010
7Vauxhall Insignia3512.3%88n/an/an/an/a16n/a
8Vauxhall Astra3462.3%1093,9881.9%-32%974
9Ford Focus2811.9%335,7352.7%-20%333
10VW Polo2781.9%n/a55,5502.7%16%468
n/aVW Golf2661.8%444,5462.2%-9%647
n/aFiat 500980.7%n/a64,2302.0%-18%8106

Wales November 2015 – models:

1Ford Fiesta3966.8%117,3418.4%-6%111
2Vauxhall Corsa2273.9%223,4163.9%33%223
3Ford Focus2143.7%333,2513.7%-4%332
4Vauxhall Mokka1813.1%541,8992.2%n/a61010
5Ford Kuga1232.1%n/a52,0712.4%19%4175
6Dacia Sandero1162.0%n/an/an/an/an/a1058n/a
7Ford Ecosport981.7%n/a9n/an/an/an/a81n/a
8VW Polo981.7%n/an/a1,9132.2%21%567
9Toyota Yaris981.7%n/an/a1,4031.6%9%1015n/a
10Renault Captur871.5%n/a10n/an/an/an/a27n/a
n/aVW Golf791.3%481,5231.7%-12%846
n/aNissan Qashqai741.3%761,6211.9%21%759
n/aFiat 500721.2%n/an/a1,4141.6%-10%9108

Source: SMMT

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