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USA Full Year 2015: Sales to break all-time record by 140.000 units

Nissan Titan XD USA December 2015. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comLanding just in time for a record year: the new Nissan Titan. Picture

Fellow sales analysts LMC Automotive have released today their projection for U.S. December sales, and these propel the market to over 100.000 units above the previous all-time annual record established back in 2000. December 2015 has two more selling days than a year ago and five weekends for the first time since 2012, because industry practice dictates to end each year on the first business day of January and therefor sales through Monday January 4 count toward 2015. In this context LMC forecasts this month’s sales to hit 1.712.000 units, up a whopping 14% year-on-year and the first time the industry tops 1.7 million since July 2005 when Detroit carmakers offered employee discounts to all consumers.

This means the 2015 total would reach 17.542.165 units, 6% more than 2014 and almost 150.000 more than the previous 2000 record of 17.402.486… LMC forecasts the seasonally adjusted annualised selling rate for December at 18.1 million, up from 16.8 million a year ago and the fourth consecutive month above 18 million,  something that had never been seen before. Moreover, LMC said 2016 will break the all-time annual record for the second consecutive year but with a subdued 2% growth rate leading the market to 17.9 million units. Don’t miss the detailed Full Year 2015 reports for over 100 countries starting early next month!

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