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USA: 1908-2012 Detailed Historical Data now available!

Chevrolet Chevette

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Thanks to Adam, I can now share with you detailed data for 1980-1981 in the USA. Contrary to previous data, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is not #1 over the period. The Chevrolet Citation is the best-selling model in the country in 1980 with 374,706 sales before passing the relay in 1981 to the Chevrolet Chevette at 346,307 units. Yes, this is crisis times and American small cars dominate. In fact, the Chevrolet Chevette is the last Passenger Car to rank #1 overall in the US, before the Ford F-Series took the lead in 1982 and never looked back, enjoying 30 consecutive years atop the US models ranking…

VW Rabbit

The most interesting pattern then is the arrival en force of small imports. The VW Rabbit breaks into the annual Passenger Car Top 10 in 1980 at #10 with 177,118 sales and takes off in 1981, gaining 59% and 6 spots to land in 4th place with 282,240 sales… Possibly the highest position ever reached by an import in the US, depending on the Beetle’s performance in the sixties. The Toyota Corolla progresses over the period: from #8 in 1979 to #6 in 1980 and #5 in 1981.

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