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American Samoa (USA) Full Year 2014: F-Series & Tacoma on top

Ford F-Series American Samoa 2014. Picture courtesy of caranddriver.comThe Ford F-Series should be the best-selling vehicle in American Samoa. 

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Not to be confused with Samoa which will be treated separately shortly, American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States part of the Samoan Islands chain located in the South Pacific and north of Tonga which we just covered (see exact location on maps below). It consists of five main islands and two coral atolls with a total population of 57.345 as of 2015. The total land area is 199 km2, or slightly more than Washington, D.C. According to Wikipedia, American Samoa is the southernmost territory of the U.S. and one of two U.S. territories (with Jarvis Island) south of the Equator.

American Samoa locationAmerican Samoa location (picture courtesy Wikipedia)

Samoa_islands Samoa Islands

Toyota Tacoma Samoa 2014. Picture courtesy motortrend.comThe Tacoma is Toyota’s best-selling nameplate in American Samoa (2015 model pictured).

Being incorporated to the U.S., the new car market in American Samoa is drastically different to the ones of the rest of the region, dominated by Asia Pacific pickups such as the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger. Instead, in American Samoa the Ford F-Series and Toyota Tacoma should lead the ranking. Out of a total of 339 new registrations in 2014, Ford holds 38.9% of the market above Toyota at 33% and Nissan at 17.4%. The Tacoma (17.1%) and Tundra (5%) being Toyota’s best sellers on the archipelago, it is reasonable to assume the F-Series should take the lead overall as it is the only pickup that Ford offers here. As you will see the rankings in Samoa are completely different.

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