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Puerto Rico (USA): 1990-2023 Historical Data available

Toyota RAV4 Puerto Rico. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comToyota dominates the Puerto Rican sales charts.

Historical Data covering the past 30 years is now available.

Puerto Rico (USA) 1990-2008: All Makes data available. Contact us here for more details

Puerto Rico (USA) 2009-2011: All Makes and Models data available. Contact us here for more details

Puerto Rico (USA) 2012: Toyota Yaris and Corolla on top

Puerto Rico (USA) 2013: Toyota Corolla takes the lead

Puerto Rico (USA) 2014: Toyota Corolla leads, Mitsubishi Mirage #3

Puerto Rico (USA) 2015: Toyota Corolla leads, Tacoma up

Puerto Rico (USA) 2016: Toyota Yaris outpaces Corolla to #1

Puerto Rico (USA) 2017: Toyota Yaris, Corolla and Tacoma on top

Puerto Rico (USA) 2018: Toyota Yaris, Tacoma, C-HR Top market up 28.5%

Puerto Rico (USA) 2019: Toyota RAV4 topples Yaris to lead market down -1.2%

Puerto Rico (USA) 2021: Podium 100% Toyota, Corolla new #1 in market up 35.9% (with 2020 figures) 

Puerto Rico (USA) 2022: Toyota and Corolla strengthen lead, Hyundai Accent up to #3

Puerto Rico (USA) 2023: Toyota RAV4 reclaims top spot, Hyundai Venue up to #3

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