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Puerto Rico (USA) Full Year 2018: Toyota Yaris, Tacoma, C-HR top market up 28.5%

The Toyota Yaris is the best-selling vehicle in Puerto Rico for the third year running.

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New light vehicle sales in Puerto Rico, an unincorporated state of the United States, are not accounted for in the U.S. updates and therefore are treated in separate articles in BSCB. The Puerto Rican market, after enduring 3 years of decline in the past four, shoot up a whopping 28.5% year-on-year in 2018 to a splendid 110.299 units, the first time the annual Puerto Rican volume reaches six-digits since 2012 (102.550), and also the largest annual score this decade, potentially helped by replacement purchases in the wake of the Hurricane Maria in September 2017. Toyota (+20%) can’t quite match the speedy market growth but remains ultra-dominant at 27.2% share, exactly double the 2nd-ranked brand, Hyundai (+33%) while Nissan (+34.4%), Kia (+41.5%) and Ford (+44.6%) all brilliantly outpace the market to round up the Top 5. Mitsubishi (+26.1%) and Jeep (+20.8) both drop two spots to #6 and #7 while Ram (+83.5%) and BMW (+57.7%) sign the largest gains in the Top 10. Below, Alfa Romeo (+208.3%), Subaru (+110.3%), Volvo (+91.8%), Land Rover (+69.5%), Audi (+42.8%), Volkswagen (+41.3%) and Jaguar (+33.3%) also shine.

Model-wise, the podium is 100% Toyota for the third year in a row, with the Toyota Yaris (-5.7%) holding onto the annual pole position also for the third consecutive time thanks to the sedan variant – a rebadged Mazda2 – accouting for 92% of the nameplate’s volume vs. 84% in 2017. Below the Yaris, a revolution is brewing: the Toyota Tacoma soars 43% to reach a record volume at 5.666 and edges up one spot on 2017 to and in 2nd place. It could well become outright the best-selling vehicle in Puerto Rico in 2019, which would make the island the second market in the world to crown Toyota’s pickup alongside the state of Hawaii. Even more impressive is the Toyota C-HR up 113% to end its first full year in market at a stunning third place overall with 4.5% share. The Hyundai Accent (+43.4%) also impresses and slices its 2017 ranking in two to lift to #4, toppling the Hyundai Tucson (+3.3%) and distancing the Toyota RAV4 (+13.8%), Hyundai Elantra (+2.3%) and Kia Rio (+73.7%). The Hyundai Kona (#15) and Nissan Kicks (#22) are the best-selling 2018 launches in Puerto Rico.

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