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Sponsored video: Bosch presents What David really saw

Back in 2009 a kid called David was filmed by his dad feeling dizzy and delirious after a dentist appointment. The rest is history, with the video going viral and viewed over 127 million times since, and counting. But what did David really see in the video? Was it just his dad filming or was there a whole lot of fantastic things happening before his eyes?

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Bosch Automotive has released a new video which is a reverse-shot perspective revealing what ‘what David really saw’ during his post-dentist daze. And boy was it good. Ice bear shooting snowballs at the windscreen and dragon blowing flames anyone? Each view from David gets wiped clear by Bosch wiper blades, demonstrating a few of the features from a new range of Bosch flat Wiper Blades.

Why flat? Because this particular set of Bosch blades feature beam technology which is a design without metal or plastic brackets that distributes more uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade for ultimate performance in all climates and faced with all kinds of challenges, from snow balls to dragon fire. In fact Bosch flat blades are proved to last 40% longer than other premium wiper blades, making them the best choice for performance in extreme weather.

This combined with a Bosch patented design which features precision-tensioned steel springs, offer outstanding all-weather visibility. Quiet-Glide micro-finish wiping edged and DirectConnect one-step installation system are some of the other features that make Bosch flat Wiper Blades the leading and preferred choice for motorists, including David’s dad.

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