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Media post: Cherished Insurance Favourite Show

Silverstone Classic. Picture courtesy of CSMAClub

In their latest campaign classic car insurance specialist Cherished Vehicle Insurance published a map of Great Britain, asking readers and bloggers what their favourite classic motoring event was. As far as I am concerned there is no competition at all: the winner is the Silverstone Classic, arguably the biggest classic motor event in the world.  It will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year and is going as strong as ever, with roughly 20 races during the 3-day event and more than 1000 classic cars entered. What’s mouth-watering about this event is that virtually all generations of classic racing cars are represented and will race for you! From historic Formula One, sports cars, ‘Le Mans’ sports prototypes, GT cars, touring cars, Group C cars, with some even categorised by age with pre ’61 Sports cars, pre ’56 Sports cars, pre ’63 GT cars, pre ’66 Grand Prix cars and 90s GT legends for example!

Pretty unbelievable to have all these various sorts of classic cars represented in one single venue, and this is part of what I like about the Silverstone Classic. In fact I believe this is the one place and time in the world where you can see the most classic racing cars in a single event. That’s for the racing, but there are also, depending on the year, roughly 7000 classic cars displayed on the infield as well, sixties and seventies music in place to entertain the crowds (Status Quo anyone?). Year after year, the Silverstone organisers have gone the extra mile to make sure our entire experience is ‘classic’: period buses have been brought back into service to get you travelling within the event. Going there with kids means you will probably trigger in them a life-long passion for classic cars. And it’s worth it.

Disagree? Think of a better classic car show, submit it to CVI’s motoring events map.

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