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Media post: What do Australians look for in a sports car?

Ferrari 599 GTBi. Picture courtesy of Ed Callow via Flickr

According to surveys, Australians prefer to spend more than $100,000 to drive their dream sports car. Recent figures also show that there is a 20% increase in sales of sports cars in Australia- that is, 1 sports car in every 20 new cars are sold. However, how do Australians make a choice in which sports car to buy? And what exactly do they look for in a sports car? Any people consider Australian’s to be obsessed with sports, BBQ’s and playing pokies at sites such as the Pokies Palace official site.

Australians spend much money in buying sports car. Thus, they make it a point to choose the one that meets their needs. There are various specifications that Australian people take into consideration when purchasing a sports car. Read on.

  • Speed Guidelines. Australian sports car drivers choose to purchase a car because of their “need for speed”. As of April 2010, the fastest sports car is the 2002 Ferrari Enzo. It accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just a meager 2.6 seconds.
  • Streamline Design. This factor does not merely affect the car’s looks, but also its speed. Features such as the car’s low body add up to the operation and help elevate the speed. Furthermore, the slickness of the styling (roundedness or curved lines) allows the driver to easily handle the car at high speeds and in tight turns as well. A lightweight sports car enables it to go faster. Hence, the streamline design is one of the things Australians take into consideration when selecting a sports car.
  • Powertrain. For Australians, the powertrain is another significant aspect to take note of when choosing a sports car. This is the part of the sports car that combines an engine with its transmission. According to experts, a manual transmission is preferred because the driver feels more control. However, the car industry and manufacturers offer sports car enthusiasts with choices between automatic and sequential gearboxes. This is because there are those drivers who prefer sequential gearboxes, which require just the shifting and there’s no more clutching.
  • Engine Types. This is another element for Australian sports car buyers. Souped-up engines are preferred because they give drivers excitement, although sports cars can also feature various engines, ranging from V-6 or V-8 engines. Sports car enthusiasts say the larger the volume, the more the car’s horsepower and turning force.
  • Safety Features. Despite being thrill seekers, Australians want to keep themselves and their passengers safe while they’re on board. Needless to say, they choose a sports car that is equipped with safety features. Yet, recently released sports cars are already prepped with left and right anterior air bags as well as shoulder and lap belts. They are also equipped with anti-lock brakes and stability control.
  • Price Points. This seems to be the biggest factor Australians do consider when buying a sports car, but this actually comes last in their checklist. They first take into consideration all those mentioned and finally, look up into the price.

These are some of the specifications Australians look into when planning to purchase a sports car. Knowing that cars are sold at a higher cost in Australia, these people make it a point to choose the best sports car that would fit their needs, so that they won’t regret their purchase in the end.

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